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Citizens are a new mechanic introduced with the expansion Crusade. Every 10 turns one is generated for a civilization and depending on abilities and techs researched can be trained in a variety or roles, workers that boos civilian manufacturing, spies for espionage, generals that provide legions and many more.

Citizen Cost Effect Required ability / tech / ideology Promotions
Administrator Provides administrative points.
Crusade Administrator.png N/A Gives 4 administration points N/A



Minister A department is far more effective when it has political support, and nothing communicates that like installing a Minister there.
Crusade Administrator.png

10 Promethion

1 Epimetheus Pollen

Gives 5 administration points

Citizen retires

Mobster It's amazing how many people are willing to do things for you when you subtly threaten their life. Or explicitly. The Mobster can go both ways.
Promotion Mobster.png

10 Promethion

1 Artocarpus Viriles

Eliminates colony maintenance on assigment Malevolent N/A

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