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Diplomacy is the fine art of working with other major races and minor factions throughout the galaxy. Various diplomatic actions can be taken to foster or hinder good relations with your galactic neighbors.

Factors affecting diplomacy

There are no perfectly rational beings in the galaxy; cooperation must be earned. There are numerous factors that determine the other races’ or factions’ approach to you. Any innate characteristics of your civilization (predisposing the other party towards you or the opposite), chosen ideology, your power (both actual and potential), and more are all factored into the approach.

Diplomatic states

Diplomatic states are a part of diplomacy defining the current formal relationship between you and the other civilization.


  • Neutral - you have encountered a civilization, but have no relationship with it.
  • Trading - trade exists between your colonies and theirs. (indicated by a yellow line)
  • Allied - a mutual commitment to defense exists between you and them. (indicated by a green line)
  • At War - whether it's a trade dispute or a war of annihilation, you and them are fighting an all-out war.(indicated by a red line)

Diplomatic Treaties


Treaties are formalized commitments that have a large impact on relations with the other civilization.

Treaty Types and Effects

Declare War - Go to war with another civilization.

Peace - End the war between two civilizations.

Alliance - Vow to support an ally’s side in any war and form an alliance with them.

Embargo - Refuse the establishment of trade routes and severe existing trade routes with a third party’s civilzation.

Declare War on Another Civilization - Go to war with a third party’s civilization

Open Borders - Allow each other’s ships to pass through your respective territories without diplomatic penalty.

Exploration - Share each other’s sight in the fog of war.

Non-aggression - A civil pact that prevents each party from declaring war on the other.

Cultural - Give a 10% bonus to influence for the other culture per turn through the sharing of culture.

Free Trade - Give a 5% bonus to colony research and wealth generation to the other civilization through the sharing of markets.

Slave - Give a 5% bonus to colony manufacturing and wealth to the other civilization by agreeing to open slave markets.

Strategic Resource - Allow the other civilization to use some of a strategic resource.

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