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Artifacts are powerful items discovered on planets. They grants civilizations access to special abilities.

Arnor Embers

Grants +3 Attack to selected ship/fleet.

Arnor Halo

Grants +25% Hit Points to selected ship/fleet.

Bernal Sphere

Increases Population Capacity by 1 on selected colony.

Betatron Collider

Deals 25% Damage to enemy ship/fleet.

Chimeric Biomass

Terraforms 1 tile on selected colony.

Dimensional Mirror

Reveals an area of the map.

Echoing Heartstone

Grants +1000 Influence to selected colony.

Empathy Engine

Grants +10 Approval for 10 turns.

Kiln of Worlds

Converts a dead world to a class 5 planet.

Infinite Astrocompass

Grants +1 Moves to selected ship/fleet.

Matryoshka Forge

Grants +3 Defense to selected ship/fleet.

Motivation Helix

Grants +500 Military Production to selected shipyard.

Nano Fabricator

Grants +100 Social Production on selected colony.

Nanite Transmitter

Spawns an Overlord ship.

Precognitient Sensor

Grants +10% Resistance to selected colony.

Precursor Archive

Completes current research project.

Preumbral Beacon

Spawns a space monster. But beware, it doesn't grant any control over the monster.

Wormhole Generator

Randomly teleports ship/fleet. Can also be used on an opponent's ship/fleet.