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Citizen Attributes


Citizens represent the general population in a Civilization and are divided by species. Each Citizen has its own name and statistics. A proportion of each Citizen's statistic values act as a modifier to a Core World's Planetary Output and thus contribute to your empire's overall resource production.

Citizen Attribute Description
Intelligence Affects Research production.
Social Skills Modifies Wealth generation.
Diligence Used in Manufacturing and Farming.
Resolve Contributes to a Core World's Planetary Defense.
Expectations Modifies the Approval of the Citizen.

Citizen Biology

The player will start with some Citizens of their chosen species at the start of the game, and depending on the Civilization's choice of Biology, will reproduce according to the Biology type's requirements at the rate set by the planet's Growth level.

Citizen Biology Description
Carbon-based and Aquatic Citizens Will require a positive Food value to grow. Falling to 0 or less Food will prevent any further reproduction, halt Growth and cause an Approval penalty due to starvation.
Silicon Based Citizens Need no Food to grow, but suffer a slow Growth rate which is gradually improved by stockpiling Promethium.
Synthetic Citizens Are built by the player on a Core World, and require Durantium as a resource to do so.
Ammonia-based Citizens Require Food but experience a significant boost in Growth in heavily polluted environments.
What Citizens Impact Description
Contribution towards Planetary Output A proportion of a Citizen's statistics are applied as a product to modify the Planetary Input of a Core World to create its Planetary Output values. When a Citizen is specialized towards a specific Job, such as a Worker, then it will contribute more of its specialization statistic to that particular output. In this case, the Worker will increase Manufacturing, but contribute less towards the other four Planetary Outputs.
Citizen Traits Citizens can possess and gain their own Traits, much like Leaders, either through virtue of their species or through in-game Events, Ideological Trait choices and so on.
Colony Ships and Transports Citizens can be loaded onto both Colony Ships and Transports, for colonizing unoccupied planets and invading the worlds of your enemies respectively. Both Ship types can be used to ferry Citizens from one friendly planet to another.
Ideology Citizens can follow an Ideology, and in doing so are eligible for any benefits available from Ideological Traits that affect Citizens of that particular Ideology. For example, the Individualism Ideological Trait "Privacy" grants all Individualist Citizens a 25% Approval bonus.
Resistance The Resolve of your Citizens contributes towards a Core World or Colony's Resistance, and the greater the Resistance, the more difficult it will be for enemy invasion fleets to conquer the world, or for the Influence of a rival Civilization to "culture flip" the world away from your control and over to them instead.
Species Description
Altarian Most Altarians adopt a Mer, a philosophy they devote their life to. This makes them more ideological than other species and more approving when their Ideology matches that of their empire or governor, and more disapproving when it is opposed to them. They can also be specialized to Divine Empaths, though it is an expensive process.
Arcean Arcean's stoic nature makes them unlikely to be ideological. Instead, they revere the military: Arcean soldiers gain additional Approval and are never pacifists.
Baratak The Baratak are stout citizens who require very little to be content. But they are sensitive to Pollution and won't be happy, or healthy, on heavily polluted worlds.
Drath The Drath are an ancient race that are fond of their legacy and their vast storehouses of credits. They receive an Approval bonus based on the Credits in their treasury.
Drengin Drengin have a high Resistance and aptitude for becoming strong Soldiers. Drengin have no Approval penalty for living on undefended worlds. They defend themselves.
Festron Festron love Jungle worlds. They also occasionally murder other species they share a world with.
Human Humans are known for their flexibility and productivity. They have lower Expectations than other species.
Iconians Iconians are a paranoid species that are still traumatized by their near extinction by the Yor. Because of this, they suffer a significant Approval penalty if they share a world with them. And even though they are as temperamental as other species, their passive nature prevents them from protesting.
Iridium Iridium's high Social makes them excellent Traders. They receive an Approval bonus based on the Credits in your Treasury.
Manti Manti love Aquatic worlds. They receive a large Approval bonus when they are on them and a slight penalty when they aren't.
Mimot An average race with an above average Growth rate. They will quickly overwhelm planets and consume all available Food.
Navigators Navigator society is built around investigating the wonders of the universe, often to the exclusion of everything else. Their high Intelligence makes them the best scientists in the galaxy.
Onyx The Onyx have no need for organic food and sustain themselves on the energy of the universe. Onyx Hive Growth rate is dependent on the amount of Promethion their civilization holds.
Torian Torian love Aquatic worlds. They receive a large Approval bonus when they are on them and a slight penalty when they aren't. But their subjugation by the Drengin makes them unhappy when they share worlds with Drengin citizens.
Xeloxi Xeloxi have few redeeming qualities, if by few you mean none. Their culture rewards strong action and concerns like ethics and compassion were lost long ago. Every Xeloxi is a criminal and generates Crime.
Yor As a synthetic species, Yor don't require Food or have any natural Growth. Instead, their citizens are manufactured. They also don't suffer any Approval penalty from Pollution, Overcrowding or reaching their Population Capacity.
Snathi Snathi are clever and resourceful, but very likely to be criminals.
Trandal Easily distracted and always hungry, Trandals are good at taking orders, and that's about it.
Tywom The Tywom aren't very smart, and certainly aren't very socially adept. Their only positive quality is their incredibly low Expectations. They are very accustomed to being treated poorly, and they are even happier when they share a world with other species. Though the other species may not like it.
Korath If you thought the Drengin were disagreeable, the Korath are even worse. Though they have incredible Resolve and Diligence, their social skills are lacking and they dislike sharing a world with any other species.
Slyne The Slyne do not require organic food to survive, but their slow Growth rate hampers their ability to spread out into the galaxy as quickly as other species.
Thalan The Thalan are from a dimension more advanced than ours. Their insight provides them with an increased Intelligence and also increased Expectations.
Phamysht The Phamysht are a polite and engaging species, until they murder you. Still, their high Social and Intelligence makes up for their equally high Expectations.
Scryve The Scryve are waning. Each of their citizens has incredibly high Diligence, Intelligence and Resolve, but they are handicapped by their low Growth, which will make it difficult to spread out among the stars unless they capture another species to do it.
Luxar Luxar have no need for organic food, but their Growth is generally less than organic species. Their growth can be increased based on the amount of Promethion they have stored. Despite their low growth rate, their high Diligence, Intelligence and Resolve makes them well suited for nearly any task.
Irradiated Amoeba Irradiated citizens evolve if given enough time, each evolution more capable than the last. At the starting Amoeba stage, they reproduce frequently and are quick to evolve, but are poor workers.
Intueri The Intueri have a high Diligence and low Expectations. They put the needs of the group over their own. Lacking true complex thought, expect low Intelligence.
Phalenoids Brilliant and sociable creatures, Phalenoids excel in Intelligence and Social, but they make poor soldiers. They prefer to befriend other species. Their Approval increases when sharing their world with other species.
Feline Elegant and astute, Felinoids distinguish themselves with keen intellect and agile cunning. They prefer roles of strategic importance, thriving as scientists, diplomats, or spies, and display an affinity for complex systems. Highly individualistic, they can struggle with regimented military roles. Their curious natures make them adept cultural adapters, gaining an Approval bonus when cohabiting worlds with other species.
Canine Loyal and intuitive, Caninoids demonstrate exceptional teamwork and remarkable instincts. They naturally excel in roles requiring cooperation and protection, such as military or policing duties. While not typically drawn to independent intellectual pursuits, they're formidable tactical operators within a group dynamic. Their sociable temperament engenders strong bonds, earning them an Approval boost when sharing their world with other species. They have very low Expectations.
Avian Graceful and visionary, Avianoids are known for their strategic foresight and aerial mastery. They excel in roles requiring a broad perspective, such as scouts, diplomats, or strategic planners. Their nimble agility can be less effective in ground-based military engagements. With a natural inclination towards harmony, they gain an Approval bonus when coexisting with diverse species on their world.
Zombies Horrible ghouls that grow quickly but aren't very bright.
Ruined Torian These pitiful creatures have had their will tortured out of them.
Random Citizens can be of any species in the galaxy, with all of their strengths and weaknesses.