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Civilization Abilities

Civilization Abilities
Civilization Abilities

Civilization Abilities are a set of two characteristics that grant the Civilization a powerful bonus or ability and provide some extra flavour to their gameplay style. Alongside Civilization Traits, Citizens and Cultural Focus, Civilization Abilities serve to differentiate the different in-game factions from one another. Civilization Abilities have a wide range of bonuses to grant: from useful starting resources and various modifiers to resource generation, through making unique technologies available for research, to special powers unique to that Ability that can be activated by the player to influence the game at a critical moment. Core Civilizations have their Abilities pre-set, although they can be changed in the Customize your Civilization screen before the game starts, which allows each Civilization to be played in a wide variety of ways. Players can select two Abilities for Custom Civilizations made with the AlienGPT system too.

Name Description Effects
 Resilient Ships immune to nebula and have access to special Hyperion improvements.
  • Ship gets  Is Immune To Nebula
  • Starbase gets  Is Immune To Nebula
 Resourceful Starts with some useful Resources.
 Watcher Grants the Cosmic Eye Executive Order. The Cosmic Eye can reveal a part of the galaxy and grants additional research or a new technology when used on another player's planet. +5 Sensor Range for Planets. +1 Sensor Range for Ships and Starbases.
  • Colony gets +5  Sensor Range
  • Ship gets +1  Sensor Range
  • Starbase gets +1  Sensor Range
  • +1  Totalitarianism
  • +5 Deception
  • Blocks  Telescope Takeover Executive Order
 Fertile Start with 2 additional workers and population grows 25% faster.
 Nocturnal Developed to work in cycles, each lasting 15 months. Season of Waking: Manufacturing and Growth are boosted. Season of Dreaming: Research and Influence are boosted.

Alternate between Season of Waking and Season of Dreaming

Season of Waking

  • +20%  Manufacturing
  • +20%  Crime
  • +20%  Growth

Season of Dreaming

  • +25%  Influence
  • +25%  Research
  • -25%  Ship Hit Points
 Warriors Ignore 10% of all damage done to their ships. All weapons do 10% more damage.
  • Ship gets +10%  Beam Attack
  • Ship gets +10%  Kinetic Attack
  • Ship gets +10%  Missile Attack
  • Ship gets +0.1  Beam Resistance
  • Ship gets +0.1  Kinetic Resistance
  • Ship gets +0.1  Missile Resistance
  • +5 Intimidation
  • Allows The Unlikely Pacifist Event
 Genocidal Massive advantage in conquering planets due to not caring in the least about collateral damage. Can convert other species unfortunate enough to end up on their planets into living neural network batteries.
 Craftsman +50% Income from Trade Routes
  • +50%  Trade Route Income
  • +1  Egalitarianism
  • +1  Egalitarianism
  • +1  Nihilism
  • +5 Persuasion
 Certain Believes their philosophy should be universal, increased (+2) influence, special planet improvements. 30 Research every time a Culture Trait is unlocked.
  • Colony gets +2  Influence Growth
  • When unlocking culture traits +30 Award Research Amount
  • Allows [[File:|alt=|24px|frameless]] Defensive Meditation Tech
 Experienced All Ships receive 25% more Experience Points from battles.
 Intuitive Starts with access to Xeno Anthropology technologies and a free Culture trait.
 Slavers Gain the ability to enslave your citizens, reducing their approval, production and food consumption. But they never protest. Gain access to Slaving Technologies.
 Archaeologist Whenever artifact charges are earned an additional charge is gained.
 Radiated Can colonize Radioactive Worlds. Gains the Abhorent Infection Executive Order after several months. Abhorent Infection raises the Pollution level on a target planet.
 Unrelenting +10 Control. Planets generate +1 more Influence per month.
 Bureaucrats Starts with 50 Control and access to coordination technologies.
 Proliferation When a ship is constructed, two ships are constructed instead. But all ships have -25% Hit Points.
 Hopeful Believes any civilization capable of space travel must be a potential friend. Higher Approval on planets.
  • Unit gets +10%  Approval
  • +5 Persuasion
 Inspired An additional Leader is available for recruitment and Leaders cost 25% less to recruit.
  • +1  Max Recruits
  • -0.25  Leader Cost
  • +5 Persuasion
  • Allows  Brainstorming Policy
 Hive Mind Ships in your territory gain additional Hit Points per colony controlled.
  • +5 BonusHP Max In Z O C
 Engineers Colony and asteroid production decays at half of the normal rate.
 Promethion Born Ships have double the normal Hit Points but don't heal normally.
  • Ship gets +100%  Hit Points
  • Ship gets +1 Disable Repair
  • At the start of the game unlocks the Prometheus Stone Extractor improvement
  • +5  Promethion
  • Blocks  Repair Bay Ship Component
 Scout Fleet Begins with a colony ship and three probes.
 Voyagers +2 Ship Sensor Range. +1 Ship Moves.
 Starfaring +25% Ship Range. Starts with the ability to detect and travel on Subspace Streams.
 Traders Starts with freighter, has a significant boost to Persuasion and receives 3 free trade licenses.
 Ancient Gets Research from Precursor Artifacts and anomalies. Starts with an additional Policy slot.
 Xenophobic +50% Research, -75% Influence and -3 to Diplomacy.
  • Colony gets +150%  Research
  • Colony gets -75%  Influence Growth
  • -3  Diplomacy Bonus
  • +5  Traditionalism
  • -5 Deception
  • -5 Intimidation
  • -5 Persuasion
 Devout Starts with a Cleric citizen and a Krynniac Temple on their homeworld. Culture grows every time they add to their ideology.
 Unwavering Colonies are much harder to Culture flip, and access to the Unbroken Spirit technologies.
 Adaptable Can colonize extreme worlds.
 Raiders -50% Manufacturing and -50% Income on all worlds. Gain +100 Credits and +20 Manufacturing for winning battles. Gain +500 Credits and +200 Manufacturing for conquering planets. Starts with the Armed Shuttles Tech.
  • Colony gets -50%  Manufacturing
  • Shipyard gets -50%  Military
  • Colony gets -50%  Gross Income
  • When winning battles +100  Treasury
  • When winning battles +20  Stored Goods at the Colony
  • When winning battles +20  Stored Goods at the Shipyard
  • When winning battles +10%  Approval
  • When conquering planets +10%  Approval
  • When conquering planets +500  Treasury
  • When conquering planets +200  Stored Goods at the Colony
  • When conquering planets +200  Stored Goods at the Shipyard
  • +5 Intimidation
  • At the start of the game unlocks the Armed Shuttles tech
 Empathy Increases Diplomacy by +1, Persuasion by +15%, Reduces Crime by 10%.
 Loyal Leaders all have +10 Loyalty and cost 25% less to recruit. +1 Cultural Point when a Leader is assigned to a Command Ship.
 Crime Lord Starts allied with the Pirates. Also grants access to the 'Look the Other Way' Policy, improvements unlocked by increased Crime and Executive Orders to claim Pirate fleets and worlds.
 Exterminators Transport ships are replaced with planet killing Spore Ships.
 Spores Starts with the ability to deploy spores to a dead world to restore life. Each time a new Culture Trait is gained another charge is earned.
 Cartographer Starts knowing the location of other homeworlds. They also receive 3 charges of the Dimensional Mirror power which reveals a portion of space and they gain an additional charge each time a Culture Trait is earned.
 Ravenous Receives 1,000 Credits and +10% Approval for 25 months after conquering a planet. It also grants the ability to consume aliens and spawn new Festron citizens.
  • When conquering planets +1000  Treasury
  • When conquering planets +10%  Approval
  • Allows  Work Instruction Chamber Improvement
  • Allows  Cerebral Chamber Improvement
  • Allows  Harmonious Antennae Improvement
  • Allows  Hatchery Improvement
  • Allows  Work Hive Improvement
  • Allows  Mother Hive Improvement
  • Allows  Hatcheries Tech
  • Allows  Endless Feast Policy
  • Allows  Consume Unit Specialization
  • Blocks Religious Freedom Event
  • Blocks A Mission of Mercy Event
  • Blocks Religious Pilgrims - Fail Event
  • Blocks  Telescope Takeover Executive Order
  • Blocks  Core World Capital Improvement
  • Blocks  Capital City Improvement
  • Blocks  Capital Mainframe Improvement
  • Blocks  Kazar's Mainframe Improvement
  • Blocks  Planetary Mainframe Improvement
  • Blocks  Planetary Generator Improvement
  • Blocks  Industrial Center Improvement
  • Blocks  Supply Depot Improvement
  • Blocks  Colonial Clinic Improvement
  • Blocks  Heritage Center Improvement
  • Blocks  Recruiting Station Improvement
  • Blocks  Colonization Center Improvement
  • Blocks  Orbital Market Improvement
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Clone_Icon] Clone|[ICON=Trait_Clone_Icon] Clone]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Criminal_Icon] Criminal|[ICON=Trait_Criminal_Icon] Criminal]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Mutant_Icon] Mutant|[ICON=Trait_Mutant_Icon] Mutant]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks File:GovernorTrait Doctor Icon.png [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=GovernorTrait_Doctor_Icon] Natural League|[ICON=GovernorTrait_Doctor_Icon] Natural League]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=UnitTrait_Plagued_Icon] Plagued|[ICON=UnitTrait_Plagued_Icon] Plagued]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks File:GovernorTrait Doctor.png [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=GovernorTrait_Doctor_Icon] Natural League|[ICON=GovernorTrait_Doctor_Icon] Natural League]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Defiant_Icon] Defiant|[ICON=Trait_Defiant_Icon] Defiant]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Scarred_Icon] Scarred|[ICON=Trait_Scarred_Icon] Scarred]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_AlienArtifact_Icon] Alien Artifact|[ICON=Trait_AlienArtifact_Icon] Alien Artifact]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks File:FamousIcon.png [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=GovernorTrait_Famous_Icon] Spouse|[ICON=GovernorTrait_Famous_Icon] Spouse]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Clone_Icon] Missing Twin|[ICON=Trait_Clone_Icon] Missing Twin]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Underminer_Icon] Raised by Squatters|[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Underminer_Icon] Raised by Squatters]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Trained Chef|[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Trained Chef]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Brainwashed Cultist|[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Brainwashed Cultist]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks File:GovernorTrait Doctor.png [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=GovernorTrait_Doctor_Icon] Failed Med School|[ICON=GovernorTrait_Doctor_Icon] Failed Med School]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Avoided Service|[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Avoided Service]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=GovernorTrait_Timid_Icon] Excluded Inheritance|[ICON=GovernorTrait_Timid_Icon] Excluded Inheritance]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Scarred_Icon] Scarred Duelist|[ICON=Trait_Scarred_Icon] Scarred Duelist]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Charismatic_Icon] Minor Nobility|[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Charismatic_Icon] Minor Nobility]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Wharf Rat|[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Wharf Rat]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Vendetta_Icon] Military Child|[ICON=Trait_Vendetta_Icon] Military Child]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Former Sailor|[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Former Sailor]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Negotiator_Icon] Career Diplomat|[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Negotiator_Icon] Career Diplomat]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Overcame Addiction|[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Overcame Addiction]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=CitizenTrait_Infected_Icon] Frostbitten Toes|[ICON=CitizenTrait_Infected_Icon] Frostbitten Toes]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=GovernorTrait_Organized_Icon] Detail-Oriented Engineer|[ICON=GovernorTrait_Organized_Icon] Detail-Oriented Engineer]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=CitizenTrait_Infected_Icon] Badly Burnt|[ICON=CitizenTrait_Infected_Icon] Badly Burnt]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Underminer_Icon] Deceased Friend|[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Underminer_Icon] Deceased Friend]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_AlienArtifact_Icon] Alien Coin Flipper|[ICON=Trait_AlienArtifact_Icon] Alien Coin Flipper]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Charismatic_Icon] Renowned Archaeologist|[ICON=DiplomatTrait_Charismatic_Icon] Renowned Archaeologist]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Industrial_Icon] Asteroid Miner|[ICON=Trait_Industrial_Icon] Asteroid Miner]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Survived Mutiny|[ICON=Trait_Ex-Convict_Icon] Survived Mutiny]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=UnitTrait_Veteran_Icon] Former Gladiator|[ICON=UnitTrait_Veteran_Icon] Former Gladiator]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  [[GalCiv4:Leader_Traits#[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Psychic bond with alien|[ICON=Trait_NeuralClamp_Icon] Psychic bond with alien]] Unit Specialization
  • Blocks  Coerced Colonization Policy
  • Blocks  Heart of the Empire Policy
 War Profiteers Receives 200% bonus from trade routes established with warring races.
 Paranoid Ships receive +25% Hit Points and Attack when they are within their borders.
  • Ship gets +25%  Hit Points
  • Ship gets +25%  Missile Attack
  • Ship gets +25%  Beam Attack
  • Ship gets +25%  Kinetic Attack
  • Allows  Molecular Fabrication Tech
  • Allows [[File:|alt=|24px|frameless]] Industrial Replication Tech
 Wealthy Starts with 2000 more credits and the Universal Translator technology. Receives access to Interstellar Banking technologies.