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Civilization Traits

Civilization Traits

Civilization Traits are a set of modifiers that can be applied to a Civilization in supplement to their main Civilization Abilities to further shape their playstyle. Traits differ from Abilities in being smaller in scope, and are generally restricted as numerical modifiers to the various statistics and resources available to the Civilization, with a few notable exceptions that give access to technologies or Improvements.

Traits can be positive or negative and each has a points value attached, ranging from -2 to +2 points. A Civilization may pick 3 points worth of Traits, in any combination, and taking some negative Traits will allow taking more than three Traits in total at the expense of some negative modifiers.

Trait Description
Clever/Foolish Modifies Research.
Militant/Passive Modifies starting Control.
Explorers Modifies Ship Range.
Brutal/Gentle Modifies Soldiering.
Miners Raw Production +50%, increases output from Asteroid Mining.
Urbanites Population Cap +25% and gives access to city building technologies.
Rich/Poor Modifies Gross Income.
Influential/Forgettable Modifies Influence Growth.
Fast Increases Ship Moves.
Courageous/Craven Modifies the ability to resist invasions (Resistance).
Bureaucrats Control per month +1, makes additional organizational technologies available.
Intimidating/Meek Modifies Intimidation.
Productive/Unproductive Modifies Production.
Likeable/Unlikeable Modifies Diplomacy Bonus.
Veteran Modifies Experience Bonus.
Deceptive/Bad Liar Modifies Deception.
Farmers Food +25% and makes advanced farming technologies available.
Persuasive/Unconvincing Modifies Persuasion.