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A Leader can be assigned to a Commander Ship as a Commander, spawning the vessel close to the Civilization’s homeworld.

To assign a Leader to a Ship, simple drag them from the Unassigned Leaders pool over to a Commander Ship card. Note that once they are assigned as a Commander to a specific Commander Ship, they cannot be reassigned, so choose wisely!

A Leader’s most important statistics when assigned as a Commander are Diligence to increase the Commander Ship’s Hit Points, and Resolve to increase its Attack score. Each Commander Ship will also have various other powers, bonuses and abilities, for both combat and non-combat utility. Some Commander Ships house a Flag module, and can be used for surveying Anomalies, while others lend their abilities to the Fleet they are attached to and can be consider Fleet support vessels.

The selection of Commander Ships available to a Core Civilization is pre-determined, but can be manually selected for custom Civilizations made with the AlienGPT system.