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Editing Controls

Billions of Years Ago

There are a lot of shortcut keys to make playing the game faster and easier. We’ll start with those:

Keys Description
Z Hides HQs and buildings.
3 Default camera view 2
4 Default camera view 3
5 Default camera view 4
1 Default camera view O
Enter Done or “confirm”
/ Minimap Reset Zoom
; Minimap Zoom In
' Minimap Zoom Out
Tab Cycle to the next notification
N No or “reject”
Enter Request new turn
Down Arrow Scroll camera down
Up Arrow Scroll camera up
Left Arrow Scroll camera left
Right Arrow Scroll camera right
Ctrl Show distance
G Toggle grid
T Toggle text chat entry

While the shortcut keys aren’t necessary for gameplay, they exist in order to make your vast galaxies and sprawling battles easier to manage. A few other things you should know are:

  • To move your ships, click on them to highlight them. Then, right click on the hex you want them to travel to.
  • To view your planet’s surface, double-click on the planet.
  • To place structures, select the type of building from the menu on the right. Click on the hex you’d like to build on, then double click to place the structure.
  • If you have a mouse wheel, you can use it to zoom in and out.