Cultural Ideology

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Cultural Ideology

Culture is a measure of your Civilization’s social, intellectual, artistic and ideological values. Culture is associated with eight different Ideologies, with each Ideology containing a sequence of Ideological Traits that can be unlocked for a gradually increasing number of Culture Points.

Every Civilization will have a Cultural Focus, which grants a discount to Ideological Traits belonging to its associated Ideology. This informs their intended playstyle, but the player is free to mix and match Ideological Traits from different Ideologies to suit their needs. However, the capstone Trait at the end of each Ideological branch bestows a very powerful ability and access to advanced Techs, and so the player is incentivised to try to complete at least one Ideology.

Each turn your Capital generates a Culture Point, and extra points can be generated through Improvements, the effect of Ideological Traits and more. Once enough points to unlock a specific Ideological Trait are accumulated, the player will be notified. The cost for each subsequent Ideological Trait choice will scale up as the game progresses.

Each Ideology has an associated Ideology Discount percentage, which is initially set by the Civilization’s Cultural Focus, but can be further increased through the choices made in Events, Diplomatic decisions, building Improvements and as a consequence of various other in-game mechanics. For example, consistently making choices that show a Totalitarian bent will gradually increase the Ideological Discount for Totalitarianism, and so Ideological Traits in that branch will become gradually cheaper and cheaper.

Furthermore, your Citizens will occasionally take on an Ideology, and certain Ideological Traits will unlock powerful bonuses for those Citizens (note the “Citizens with this ideology” percentage in the top right of the screen to see how much of your population support that particular branch).


  • Individualism - Generally improves Leaders and Citizens
  • Totalitarianism - Control, reduces Expectations, improves Factions, military Ships.
  • Egalatarianism - Influence, improves Colonies and Core Worlds, improves Citizens.
  • Traditionalism - Crime reduction, more Policy Slots, Growth, improves Citizens, Resistance.
  • Progressivism - greatly improves Research.
  • Pacifism - greatly improves Diplomacy, United Planets, Pacifist Citizens are greatly improved.
  • Nihilism - Trade, Crime, Nihilist Citizens are greatly improved, combat bonuses, Terror Stars.
  • Collectivism - Influence, reduced Expectations, Housing, Fertility, Logistics, Colonies.