Dread Lords

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The Dread Lords are a special faction that is activated by a Mega Event. They are only available through the purchase of the [|Mega Events DLC].

The Mega Event will only trigger after 100 Turns and will spawn in the Dread Lords with a single planet.

Event Trigger Dialogue

Commander, we have received a disturbing report. Apparently a dormant Dread Lord Colony has been discovered and the fools who found it have awakened them!

Our only hope is to destroy the new colony before they become too powerful for us to stop.


  • This scourge must not return! The destruction of the Dread Lords should be our highest priority. (Benevolent)
  • We should strike quickly and convince the galaxy to help us destroy them. (Pragmatic)
  • Finally a worthy opponent. We shall hunt them down and finalize their extinction. (Malevolent)


The Dread Lords were a malevolent faction of the Arnor that warred with its Arnorian brethren resulting in the fall of that civilization.

During the Precursor Civil War they earned the name "Dread Lords" from the Iconians after they gave the Yor sentience, resulting in the Yor going to war against their creators and evicting them from their homeworld.

During the conflict the Dread Lords also created the Snathi.

The Dread Lords were on the brink of victory against the few remaining Arnor when they were imprisoned in a pocket universe. They remained trapped there for hundreds of thousands of years before they were accidentally freed by the Drengin. The Dread Lords went about trying to conquer the galaxy. Despite their superior technology they were eventually stopped when they lost their main force against a coalition made up of the Terran Alliance, Arcean Empire, Torian Confederation and Altarian Resistance.

Despite this setback the Dread Lords continued with more subtle plans. They manipulated the Korath, resulting in a Drengin Civil War, and their ancient creations, the Yor. The Dread Lords were finally defeated when the Terran Alliance, with the help of a surviving Arnor, used the Terror Star to destroy the Dread Lords last base of operations.