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During a game session of Galactic Civilizations III lots of different events might take place. Most of them present choices that would have an affect on the player's Ideology as well as different rewards or penalties.

Early Events

Early events are random events that can occur during the early portion of a game.

Colonization Events

Colonization events are dilemmas players must resolve when they first colonize a planet.

Galactic Events

Galactic events are random events that can occur during a game that offer a bonus and/or penalty to all players. Unlike other event types there do not feature an ideological choice.

Mega Events

Mega events are a type of optional random events. The player can define the frequency of Mega Events during the creation of a new game.


Crises are special events introduced with the Intrigue expansion. Unlike other events they have multiple stages and can result in failure if specific conditions aren't met.