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Developer Diaries
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Developer Diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Stardock to describe the game design in detail.

Title and link Description Date
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Galactic Civilizations III Releases Highly Requested Update Release post for 4.2 2021-08-05
GalCiv III AAR: The Last Empire After action report with hints at what will be in a future update for GC3 2021-05-10
GalCiv: What's next? Preview of what is to come for the GalCiv series 2021-03-12
Getting the GalCiv gang back together Getting the GalCiv gang back together 2021-01-20
GalCiv at the end of 2020 State of Galactic Civilizations at the end of 2020 2020-12-26
GalCiv III’s most popular DLC GalCiv III's most popular DLC 2016-07-26
Galactic Civilizations III v1.8 preview What to expect in v1.8 2016-06-02
Galactic Civilizations III is having its 1st Birthday! Happy one year 2016-05-19
What's new in Galactic Civilizations III 1.7 Starbases, diplomacy and more! 2016-04-18
Galactic Civilizations III: Spring is coming Huge update on the way 2016-03-16
The Tragedy of the Torian civilization The story of the Torian Regime 2016-02-03
Stardock Game Engine History Brad talks about game engines 2015-12-19
The coming 4X Armageddon Be careful what you wish for 2015-12-16
GalCiv III: Economics, Command Economies and Citizens A more balanced, less…arbitrary economy 2015-10-31
Reinventing the Wheel The Planetary Wheel 2015-10-30
Version 1.4 Brings New AI Challenges and Improved Planetary Governors Version 1.4 released! 2015-10-16
Who is the modern PC gamer? A look at GalCiv III players What hardware gamers are playing on 2015-09-25
Countdown to GalCiv III gold: 48 hours 1.0 build items 2015-05-10
GalCiv III: The Big pre-gold test game Gameplay with Brad 2015-05-10
T.A.S. Crusader You start with the T.A.S. Crusader 2015-05-09
GalCiv III: Drengin/Human Wars IV Working to make the best 4X AI 2015-05-06
Galactic Civilizations III: Fun in 5 turns! How to get the fun going fast! 2015-05-02
GalCiv III: Making your own custom race Make your own truly custom race really fast 2015-05-01
Galactic Civilizations III: A walkthrough A guide to help you start conquering the galaxy 2015-04-29
Galactic Civilizations III: Beta 6 Preview General highlights of Beta 6 2015-04-28
GameDev: Stupid AI tricks I Part 1 of a series addressing “stupid” AI mistakes 2015-04-26
Galactic Civilizations III: Everything you want to know and then some All about Galactic Civilizations 2015-04-19
GalCiv III: Drengin/Human Wars III! AI testing with Brad 2015-04-18
GalCiv III - Surreal AI work Writing AI with Brian Wade and Soren Johnson 2015-04-15
GalCiv III: Weekend update Focus on turn time, AI, and stability 2015-04-12
GalCiv III Faction Contest FAQ Faction Design Contest FAQ 2015-04-09
GalCiv III: Hanging out this weekend Reddit hangout with Brad 2015-04-09
GalCiv III: Gameplay Example Brad's Gameplay Example 2015-03-29
GalCiv III AI modding–scratch pad Modding in GalCiv III 2015-03-28
Prototype ships Brad's ship-making 2015-03-28
GalCiv III: Drengin-Human Wars: Practice session Test AI run with the Drengin vs. the humans 2015-03-23
Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 5 changelog Beta 5 is now available! 2015-03-20
Altarians conquer earth.. 23rd century Earth 2015-03-14
Drengin vs. Human bodies Drengin are somewhat bigger. 2015-03-09
All hail the Frogs Detailed race customization 2015-02-23
Galactic Civilizations III - Modding How does modding work? 2015-02-21
Galactic Civilizations III - Custom Factions Two ways to create custom races 2015-02-19
Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 4 changelog Beta 4 is now available! 2015-01-20
AI coding as a platform Example code 2015-01-14
Galactic Civilizations III: BETA 3 arrives Beta 3 brings the Yor into the game 2014-12-16
Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 3 Changelog Everything that's new in Beta 3 2014-12-05
Galactic Civilizations III - Meet the Team The people behind the game 2014-12-04
Galactic Civilizations III: BETA 2 is here The team has been hard at work on Beta 2 2014-10-16
Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 2 changelog Adding diplomacy, trade, the United Planets, and the Krynn faction 2014-10-13
Diplomacy status Beta 2 will focus on diplomacy 2014-09-29
Oh burn Greetings Lord Kona 2014-09-17
Galactic Civilizations III - The 100 Player Game What a game with 100 players looks like 2014-08-30
Dog Days of Summer Stardock update Projects that Stardock is currently working on 2014-08-26
GalCiv III Pre-Beta Status What is coming with Beta 1 2014-08-08
GalCiv III beta pushed to late Summer We will be remaining in Alpha until certain features are added to the game 2014-05-22
Leading the alpha factions: Lord Kona and Akari Malara Meet the final two leaders in the alpha roster 2014-04-26
3 questions from Stardock to you Questions from Brad 2014-09-14
Evolution of Galactic Civilizations How Galactic Civilizations has changed over the years 2014-03-26
My evening playing GalCiv everything! Brad's look at Galactic Civilizations I, II, and III 2014-03-26
GalCiv III Economy 101 Building a powerful economy 2014-03-17
The Alpha arrives in 17 days from now Setting expectations for the Alpha 2014-03-10
The revenge of the Terrans, starring D.L. Bradley Meet Admiral D.L. Bradley of the Terran First Fleet 2014-03-07
Building character, starring Iridium High Arbiter Harondin Gaul The backstory of our new faction's leader 2014-02-28
GalCiv III visuals New rendering technology in GalCIv III 2014-01-28
Starbases in Galactic Civilizations III Making Starbases cooler and more strategically interesting 2014-01-27
Galactic Civilizations 3 in Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s ‘Spectacular 2014 Preview’ Galactic Civilizations 3 is on the list 2014-01-03
I’m writing this from the fire station Coding with Brad 2013-12-26
Community Q&A #1 -- Answered! Tactical battles, minor races, moddability, and more! 2013-12-17
Galactic Civilizations III: December Update Where things stand with Galactic Civilizations III 2013-12-16
AI coding, I can’t even begin to express how excited I am Brad talks about AI design 2013-12-05
Meet the Altarian Leader, Akari Malara The new leader of the Altarian Republic 2013-12-03
Galactic Civilizations III Timeline Launched An interactive timeline of the GalCiv III universe 2013-11-18
The evolution of the Drengin Images of the Drengin over the years 2013-11-22
Drengin Ship Design Illustrated The powerful starships used by the Drengin 2013-11-11
Derek Paxton explains why 64-bit gaming is a big deal Interview with Rob Zacny at PCGamesN 2013-11-07
Brad Wardell Talks to Strategy Informer about Galactic Civilizations III Taking advantage of 64-bit, Steamworks, multiplayer, and more 2013-11-07
Galactic Civilizations III "Civilizations" Webpage Launches Learn about the major races 2013-11-05
Galactic Civilizations III Founder's Repository Now Open A behind-the-scenes look for Founders 2013-10-30
Yor Starship Design Illustrated Meet the Yor (sociopathic murderbots) 2013-10-23
Welcome to Galactic Civilizations III! The team has been hard at work 2013-10-15