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Major Civilizations

Faction Name Leader Citizen Type Biology Ideology Abilities Personality Traits DLC Needed

Terran Alliance
Explorers in a Hostile Universe

 DL Bradley   


 Carbon Based  Individualism Base Game

Iconian Refuge
Remnants of a Lost Race

 Iso the Wise   


 Carbon Based  Collectivism Base Game

Torian Regime
Never again!

 Tlas Kzientha   


 Aquatic  Collectivism Base Game

Phalenoids Advance
Cycle-Bound Light Seekers



 Carbon Based  Progressivism Supernova

Baratak Grove



 Carbon Based  Collectivism Base Game

Manti Cluster

 Babble Glee   


 Aquatic  Traditionalism Base Game

Festron Hunt
The Twilight Hunt

 Gnar Nightbringer   


 Carbon Based  Collectivism Base Game

Intueri Aggregate
Galactic Witnesses



 Carbon Based  Traditionalism Supernova




 Carbon Based  Nihilism Base Game

Corporate Sector
New Markets Await

 Harondin Gaul   


 Carbon Based  Individualism Base Game

Arcean Republic
Never broken, ever vigilant.

 Lord Vega   


 Carbon Based  Traditionalism Base Game

Krynn Syndicate
Unified by Belief

 Ynrhed Eidden   

Random Citizens   

 Carbon Based  Individualism Base Game

Altarian Republic
Enlightened Leadership

 Akari Malara   


 Carbon Based  Egalitarianism Base Game

Cosmic Contaminant
Swarm, Pollute, Adapt


 Irradiated Amoeba   

 Ammonia Based  Nihilism Supernova

Drengin Empire
An Entire Galaxy to Conquer

 Lord Kona   


 Carbon Based  Totalitarianism Base Game

Mimot Brotherhood

 Walla the Second   


 Carbon Based  Pacifism Base Game

Onyx Hive
Sophisticated Worms

 Slymwr P'tosor   


 Silicon Based  Traditionalism Base Game

Korath Clan
Crushing The Weak

 Kindar A'Aghohl    


 Carbon Based  Nihilism Supernova

Drath Freehold
Moving In The Shadows

 Embryes Draken   


 Carbon Based  Individualism Base Game

Yor Singularity
The Iconian Legacy



 Synthetic  Progressivism Base Game

Luxar Dominion
Memories Remain



 Silicon Based  Collectivism Supernova

Stellar Archeologists



 Carbon Based  Progressivism Base Game

Terran Resistance
The Ones Left Behind

 Jenna Casey   


 Carbon Based  Individualism Base Game

Minor Civilizations