Galactic Bazaar

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Galactic Bazaar


The Galactic Bazaar is a galactic exchange where the various Strategic Resources can be bought and sold.

The final three resource slots in the Galactic Bazaar are reserved for three of the rarer Strategic Resources, such as Harmony Crystals or Xanthium Deposits, found throughout the galaxy, and these three choices are rotated on a four-turn/month basis.

Prices fluctuate naturally during the course of the game and also change according to how many of each resource the player and AI Civilizations purchase or sell to or from the Galactic Bazaar. Abundant resources that are heavily traded by players will tend to be cheaper, while rarer resources in short supply will be more expensive to purchase, and command a higher price when selling too.

Resource Description Adjacency Bonuses
Thulium Deposit
Rare planetary deposit that can be mined for Thulium. +2 Wealth
Crystallized Elerium
Rare planetary deposit that can be mined for Elerium, which is used in energy weapons. +2 Wealth
Prometheus Stone
Rare planetary deposit of solidified Promethion that can be mined. +2 Wealth
Helios Ore
By contracting with our most knowledgeable traders, they claim they will bring Helios Ore. +2 Military
Small Hyper Silicate deposits are mapped and their locations sold to the highest bidder. +2 Research
A mineral with unusual energy absorption properties, Xanthium is prized by shipbuilders around the galaxy. +2 Military

+1 Manufacturing

Precursor Nanites
These relics can be found dormant on many worlds. Endlessly trying to prepare the galaxy for their lost masters, Precursor Nanites can be an effective ground combat weapon. +2 Manufacturing
Harmony Crystal Deposit
These rare and beautiful crystals resonate with a gentle hum that instills a sense of wellbeing in most sentient beings.Harmony Crystals can be gifted to your Leaders to improve their Loyalty. +2 Approval
These small six-limbed semi-intelligent creatures are near perfect mimics, and can be trained to do simple tasks. They are often used to take care of menial tasks in the cramped confines of starships. +2 Manufacturing
Snuggler Colony
These incredibly furry and soft creatures are the dream pet for all children in the galaxy. +2 Approval

+1 Wealth

Arnor Spice
Everything tastes better with Arnor Spice, "Arnor spice makes it twice as nice!", This precious spice has been known to make fortunes for entire planets. +2 Research

+1 Wealth

Epimetheus Pollen
The pollen from this rare flower acts as a natural neural clouding agent, allowing for more effective camouflage. +2 Food

+1 Wealth

Artocarpus Fruit
This amazing fruit can be a stable food source on even the most arid planets. It does, however, have the side-effect of making most of the known species in the galaxy more fertile. +2 Population

+1 Food +2 Population

These nutrient-rich mineral deposits give a tremendous boost to the yields of farms when used as a fertilizer. +2 Food

+1 Population

Aurorus Arboretum
These staggeringly beautiful bioluminescent trees stand nearly a kilometer high, and are considered one of the natural wonders of the galaxy. +2 Tourism

+1 Approval