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Galactic events are random events that can occur during a game that offer a bonus and/or penalty to all players. Unlike other events these do not feature an ideological choice.

Name Description Effects Duration
Min Turns Max Turns
Blood Lust An incredibly viral disease has spread throughout the galaxy, attacking the brains of all sentient organisms. Although non-lethal, it seems to make all those infected significantly more aggressive. This has a minimal effect on space combat due to its reliance on semi-intelligent computer systems, but will have a significant impact on more intimate forms of combat. And of course, all the diplomats are having a rough go of it. +20% Soldiering

-2 Diplomacy

10 15
Boo On a foreign colony a group of explorers activated a strange and ancient alien artifact which turned out to be a powerful transmitter. Sentient beings throughout the galaxy soon began reporting both headaches, and a strange feeling of discontent. Apparently, a super-weapon intended to make a populace unhappy with its leaders, was accidentally fired and has led to riots throughout known space. -20% Approval 5 10
Infinite Shades of Infrared Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient novel, which when translated was revealed to be powerfully erotic to a broad panoply of species. When the novel was leaked to the general public it quickly spread throughout the galaxy, and has now been published in every known language, in some cases with very colorful illustrations. The recent spike in birth rates is unprecedented in galactic history. +50% Population growth 5 10
Give Peace A Chance A mysterious figure from a forgotten race has been wandering the galaxy warning of the dire costs of war. His message of peace and unity seems to be taking root in all who hear him, even among your most aggressive neighbors. Diplomats throughout the galaxy report that their efforts are now finding much more traction. +1 Diplomacy 10 15
Golden Age The entire galaxy has entered a new age of prosperity. Businesses are thriving, the standard of living across all civilizations increases at an incredible rate, and tax income everywhere is rolling in. The galaxy's economic experts state: "This is the new normal. Nothing could possibly go wrong!" +20% Economy 15 20
Helpful Dust A cloud of dust has emerged out of deep space, seemingly around every planet at once. Consisting of semi-sentient nanobots, visitors from a distant galaxy, they immediately begin assisting with any and all orbital construction projects underway, helping all races equally, regardless of their motivations. +20% Military manufacturing 5 15
Neighbors A motivational speaker has established himself as a prominent voice in the galaxy, his vague solutions to complex problems capturing the minds of all who hear him. Although no actual problems seem to be getting solved by his techniques, people in every industry are at least getting along better with their neighbors. +1 for all existing Adjacency bonuses 10 15
Pirates A new, criminal, element has begun to be detected on the fringes of space. Pirates.

These vile beings prey on the defenseless and the unwary. We must seek out and destroy their nests whenever we find them or they will become an ever growing menace on our commerce.

Pirate starbases spawn
Slowdown Due to mysterious fluctuations in one of the dimensions critical for the stable formation of hyperfields, space travel has become significantly more difficult. For the time being, ships everywhere in the galaxy will experience sharply reduced top speeds. -25% Ship speed 10 15
Tourism Boon Word has spread throughout the galaxy about just how amazing it is. Perhaps eager to see it before war consumes all, travelers from all races are exploring the galaxy and returning home with stories of their adventures. Our tourism offices report they've never seen such interest from outside visitors and urge us to do all we can to capitalize on it. +50% Tourism income 10 15