Galactic Resources

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Galactic resources are a type of resource found throughout the galaxy. They are mined by space stations equipped with a mining module. Each resource allows you to build special, powerful components on prototype ships or special, powerful social buildings on your colonies. Synthetic (Yor) and silicon (Slyne) civilizations are especially dependent on resources, since synthetic civilizations require durantium and promethion to manufacture new population, and silicon civilizations require promethion to construct cities to support larger populations.

Types of galactic resources

Name Icon Function Rarity Appearance
Durantium GC3 Icon Durantium.png Allows construction of prototype kinetic weapons, armor, and manufacturing buildings. The most common 300px-Durantium appearance.jpg
Elerium GC3 Icon Elerium.png Allows construction of prototype beam weapons, shields and military buildings. The rarest 300px-Elerium appearance.jpg
Antimatter GC3 Icon Antimatter.png Allows construction of prototype missile weapons, point defenses and Antimatter Power Plant. More common than Elerium, rarer than Promethion 300px-Antimatter appearance.jpg
Promethion GC3 Icon Promethion 32.png Allows construction of prototype engines, life support systems and population growth buildings. Rarer than Thulium, more common than Antimatter 300px-Promethion appearance.jpg
Thulium GC3 Icon Thulium 32.png Allows construction of prototype sensors and research buildings. Rarer that Durantium, more common than Promethion 300px-Thulium appearance.jpg