Leaders can be assigned to a Colony as a Governor, which converts it into a Core World and allows the player to manually direct its development, building Districts and Improvements, and allowing Citizens to reproduce and assign Jobs to them.

A Governor’s statistics are applied as a modifier to a Core World’s Planetary Output values, so picking a Leader with high statistics in categories suiting the world’s production specialities can be an effective way to boost its production. Also, some Leaders will have Traits that make them more or less effective Governors.

A Governor with a Loyalty score of 80 or more will occasionally trigger beneficial Events, and those with a Loyalty of 20 or less will cause problems too: beware of letting a Governor’s Loyalty fall too low, as the consequences can be severe!

As with other Leader roles, Governors can be given Harmony Crystals to increase Loyalty, Fired from their position or Executed.

Governors Management

There are two ways to assign a Governor to a Colony: in the Leaders interface, drag and drop a Leader onto the Colony’s slot in the Governor screen, or by clicking on Assign Governor while the Colony is selected, and then selecting the Leader from the list of Available or Recruitable Governors.



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