Iconian technology tree

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Iconian Technology Tree Lines:


  • Advanced Construction Line - Contains Manufacturing Improvements and bonuses
  • Institutional Research Line - Research bonuses and Improvements
  • Molecular Fabrication Line (Unique) - This line gives bonuses and improvements to research, manufacturing, and food
  • Agricultural Adaptation Line - Gives population cap improvements
  • Xeno Biology Line - Growth bonuses and improvements
  • Environmental Engineering Line - Terraforming and colonization techs


  • Ion Drive - Contains engine modules and ship speed manipulation techs
  • Interstellar Survey - Contain precursor relic bonus techs and sensor techs
  • Life Support - Life support and starbase area of effect techs
  • Precursor Traditions Line (Unique) - Gives bonuses to Manufacturing, Capacity, and lowers Maintenance. Also includes significant in-battle ship repair technology and bonuses to precursor relics.
  • Zero Gravity Construction - Larger ship hull sizes and repairs
  • Interstellar Logistics - Carriers, Logistics, and Mining


  • Weapon Systems - Standard Weapons
  • Militarization - Planetary Invasions/Fortification
  • Defense Systems - Standard Defenses


  • Interstellar Governance - Unlocks bonuses to manufacturing, research, and/or influence
  • Diplomacy - Unlocks diplomatic treaties and bonuses
  • Cultural Influence - Bonuses to Influence
  • Xeno Economics - Income with some Influence
  • Interstellar Trade - Trade (w/ 1 Tech that lets you specialize in Research)
  • Xeno Entertainment - Focuses on Approval & Tourism
  1. Precursor Sole Line (Unique) - A single technology that offers a one time improvement that gives approval, influence, and research.