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How to Edit Keybinds

How to Edit Keybinds
1. Open the "Options" menu in-game.
2. Left-click the "Keybinds" button that is centered at the bottom of the "Options" menu.
3. Left-click and overwrite any of the existing keybinds with the key command of your choice.

Default Keybinds

Main Gameplay

Main Gameplay
ESC Game Menu/Cancel
ENT Done/End Turn
Y Yes
N No
TAB Next Turn Action
` Console
PgUp List Visible Windows
A Camera Left / Free-Cam Left
D Camera Right / Free-Cam Right
W Camera Up / Free-Cam Forward
S Camera Down / Free-Cam Reverse
Z Camera Zoom In
X Camera Zoom Out
Q Pivot Camera Clockwise\Quick Build
E Pivot Camera Counterclockwise
1 Default View 1
2 Default View 2
3 Default View 3
4 Default View 4
5 Default View 5
T Toggle Chat
G Toggle Grid
] Toggle Debug Text Overlay
^Ctrl+N New Game
H Zoom to Homeworld
^Ctrl+R Complete Tech Research
C Center map on selected object
^Ctrl+S Save Game
R Rush buy selected object / Free-Cam Up
U Upgrade Ship
Delete Decommission selected ship
⇧Shift+P Pause Game
F Free-Cam Down

Asteroid Menu

Asteroid Menu
B Build Mining Base

Planet Menu

R Rush
U Upgrade
Delete Destroy / Cancel
⇧Shift+ Next Idle
⇧Shift+ Previous Idle

Starbase Menu

⇧Shift+ Next Idle
⇧Shift+ Previous Idle

Diplomacy Menu

Diplomacy - Next
Diplomacy - Previous

Space Battle

␣ Space Pause battle

Ship Designer

Ship Menu
Delete Delete Part
Y Scale Gizmo
R Rotate Gizmo
T Offset Gizmo
C Center View
␣ Space Anchor Points


Delete Cancel
R Rush
⇧Shift+ Next Idle
⇧Shift+ Previous Idle

Ship Refit Menu


Fleet Menu

␣ Space Pass
V Survey
X Explore
N Sentry
J Standby
R Repair
B Construct Starbase
Y Construct Shipyard
C Auto Colonize
K Auto Mine
⇧Shift+G Gift Fleet