Krynn Syndicate

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The Krynn Syndicate is a major civilization in Galactic Civilizations III.


The Krynn are a coalition of races deeply united by a shared religion. In recent years a secretive arm of their faith has taken control of their government, and its Shadow Network now spans the galaxy.

The Krynn are not a single race, but a coalition of sentient beings united by a shared religion. As their beliefs make clear that they will not achieve salvation until all sentient life in the galaxy follows the Way of the Krynn, the Krynn will aggressively attempt to convert their neighbors at every available opportunity. In recent years, a secretive criminal organization has seized the reigns of power in Krynn civilization. Known as the Syndicate, they pursue the Way of the Krynn via some decidedly more sinister paths than the peaceful language of their religion might suggest.


The Krynn are well suited for expansion, being rapid breeders with fast, far-ranging ships. Their outspoken nature make them unpopular though, and their limited military manufacturing means they have to consider their most aggressive conversion activities very carefully.


The Krynn have a rich and textured history. Not a single race at all, the Krynn are an organization of many different minor races through a religious movement. After the defeat of the Korx during the Dread Lord wars, the remaining Korx and their allies joined the Krynn. This in turn changed the Krynn, and has brought the criminal elements of the society once again into ascendancy.

No one really knows what an individual Krynn looks like, as the “confrontation suits” they tend to wear when dealing with outsiders mask their physical attributes. Their arrival on the galactic scene in the early 23rd century went largely unnoticed until after the Dread Lord wars, where the chaos and lawlessness in the galaxy created an opportunity for criminal underworld organizations to flourish.

The internal struggle between the religious and criminal classes of the Krynn homeworld has simmered (and occasionally boiled over) for the entirety of recorded history, with the rest of the population oscillating between the two extremes.

With the breakdown of the United Planets and hundreds of colonies in disarray, the Syndicate has infiltrated its way across the galaxy. Their invisible hands have as much or more power than the leader of any empire, depending on who you ask.

Current Status