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About Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilizations is a series of space-based 4X strategy games set in the far future where humans have started to colonize the stars. Earth has united after discovering the existence of alien civilizations and has invented a faster-than-light technology called Hyperdrive. Galactic Civilizations has always focused on the exploration, expansion, and inevitable conflict that arises from multiple civilizations all vying for the same thing: total galactic control.

The player begins with only their home planet and must research new technologies, explore the known galaxy, colonize new worlds while keeping their people at home happy. At the same time, players engage in trade, diplomacy, intrigue and war with alien civilizations.

What can we look forward to in Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova?

We can't talk about everything coming in Supernova yet, but we have some amazing stuff to show off. For starters:

Create Unique Civilizations

Describe your civilization’s attributes – from their likes and dislikes to their goals and ambitions – using a few short lines. Then, using our AlienGPT™ technology powered by ChatGPT, sit back and let our AI do the rest of the work: it will generate unique lore, diplomatic dialogues, starship choices, and ambassador images.


Players now have the option to play with multiple sectors, each acting as a separate map, or continue with a single large sector if they prefer.

Executive Orders

Introducing a new resource, Control, which enables players to instantly execute actions across their empire by spending it as needed.

Cultural Progression

Throughout the game, civilizations gradually develop culturally, allowing players to select unique traits that set them apart from others. The cost of these traits varies based on the player's actions and choices made during gameplay.

New Combat System

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova presents a brand new combat system for the first time since the original game. Now, various weapon and defense systems have distinct behaviors and damage-handling capabilities. Players can enjoy highly detailed battle views and access comprehensive information to assess their ships' performance in combat.

Governmental Policies

Besides traditional power levers like adjusting taxes, players can now select from a range of policies to influence their civilizations' functions. Opt for coerced research to accelerate technology gains, or implement mandatory conscription for more soldiers during wartime. These policies grant players unprecedented control over their civilization's development.


Players can influence their civilization's functionality by recruiting leaders from across the galaxy and assigning them to key positions. Each leader has a unique backstory and traits that impact their assigned roles, adding an interesting layer of complexity and unpredictability to the game.

Multi-Species Civilizations

Population is represented by citizens with diverse strengths and weaknesses. These citizens hail from various planets and can create multi-ethnic societies in a galactic sense, as different species come to inhabit the same planets. Each species has unique natural abilities, making them suitable for distinct roles within your civilization.

Core Worlds

Habitable planets are now divided into two types: Colonies and Core Worlds. Players fully manage Core Worlds, while Colonies are minor planets that contribute resources to their associated Core Worlds. This system allows players to maintain vast interstellar empires without the burden of micromanagement or reliance on AI governors.

Starship Classes

The new Starship classes system offers players enhanced control over their starships' performance. Classes like Fighters, Cruisers, and Dreadnoughts have unique priorities during battle, encouraging players to build diverse fleets with careful consideration of composition, rather than simply amassing the largest ships possible.

New Research System

Galactic Civilizations games are known for their expansive technology trees. Galactic Civilizations IV offers an even deeper tree with more civilization-specific distinctions. Supernova introduces breakthroughs—technologies that a civilization is naturally attuned to and are significantly cheaper to research. While players can freely research any technology they have prerequisites for, breakthrough techs come with a 50% cost reduction, adding strategic depth to gameplay.