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Mega Events are a type of optional random events. The player can define the frequency of Mega Events during the creation of a new game.

Mega Events were added to the game in Version 1.2. Coupled with this was the release of the Mega Events DLC, which includes extra mega events that can occur.

Base game


Description Choice Effect
Our survey teams are reporting that there has been a sudden spike in the number of Anomalies being found. They think they are the first to discover this trend but it is likely that other races will notice soon. We must inform our allies of this to assure that these items fall into the right hands. Benevolent +15
Excellent! We should boost the production of our survey ships to take advantage of the situation. Pragmatic +15
We should target and destroy enemy survey ships so we can claim the anomalies for ourselves. Malevolent +15


Description Choice Effect
It seems some independent researchers have made a breakthrough and discovered the [Tech name] Technology all on their own. Unfortunately, they also seem to be sharing it with the rest of the galaxy as well as us. It was noble of them to be so generous. We must use this breakthrough to make the galaxy a better place. Benevolent +15
Let us see if we can make use of this windfall as quickly as possible. Pragmatic +15
If they are foolish enough to give away technology, we will make use of it. Malevolent +15

Distant Resources

Description Choice Effect
A breakthrough in deep space scanning has been made. As a result we are now able to detect previously unknown Nodes of Antimatter and Elerium. This has both our Miners and our Military very excited. We should try and claim these new Resources before our enemies would make weapons from them. Benevolent +15
Such valuable resource should not be left untapped. Pragmatic +15
Our military can always make use of both Elerium and Antimatter. We should claim them at all cost. Malevolent +15

Gold Rush

Description Choice Effect
Our survey teams have noticed a strange subspace wave. It has been opening spacetime rifts that are dropping extremely valuable artifact anomalies across the galaxy. Allow our survey ships to continue their research and keep us informed. Benevolent +15
Tell our survey teams to focus on finding these artifacts above all else. Pragmatic +15
Assign some armed escorts to our survey ships to discourage others from interfering with our investigations. Malevolent +15

Land Rush

Description Choice Effect
Strange news. An independent research facility on the other side of the galaxy has been experimenting with new terraforming technologies. In some sort of accident, their facility was totally destroyed. The resulting shockwave has spread out across the galaxy converting several previously dead worlds into habitable planets. Such great minds will be missed, but we shall make sure these new worlds remember them. Benevolent +15
New worlds are always welcome. Let us put them to good use. Pragmatic +15
It was convenient of these fools to die and leave us these worlds. Malevolent +15

Paradise Worlds

Description Choice Effect
Rumor has come to us that several previous class 25 worlds have been discovered. Our sources have not been forthcoming with the planet locations but we believe the reports to be true. We must put effort into finding these worlds before they fall into the hands of those that would abuse them. Benevolent +15
We must send out our scouts in search of these worlds and build new colonies ships as needed. Pragmatic +15
We shall find these worlds and make sure no other civilization gets near them before we can claim them as our own. Malevolent +15

Pirate Colony

Description Choice Effect
Disturbing reports have begun coming in that pirates have settled a low class colony. They do not seem to be able to make much use of this world but nonetheless we find it disturbing. If they wish to build legitimate colonies all the better, but if they continue to raid our ships, these worlds will not protect them. Benevolent +15
The pirate threat must not be allowed to grow. Also we can certainly make good use of their newly terraformed world, despite its quality. Pragmatic +15
Excellent, we can use this pathetic colony as training exercises for our fleets and no one will miss a bunch of pirates. Malevolent +15


Description Choice Effect
While studying a Precursor Relic, one of our researchers seems to have triggered some sort of Beacon. As a result, several new Precursor Relics have appeared across the galaxy. If we can reach them before others, this could be an opportunity to advance our civilization beyond our imagination. We must find these Relics and claim them for the good of all life in the galaxy. Benevolent +10
Send out our scouts to find these new Relics and start building constructors to claim them. Pragmatic +10
We will send out our scouts to find these relics. Our fleets will stop anyone else from claiming them. Malevolent +10

Resource Glut

Description Choice Effect
There has been a breakthough in mining technologies. Mining bases can now extract resources from previously useless materials and the result is that there is now roughly twice as much Durantium, Thulium and Promethion out there for us to claim. I suggest we do so before others make the same discovery. Excellent, these resources can be very useful in protecting our people and strengthen our colonies. Benevolent +15
We must claim as many of these new deposits as possible. If we act quickly, we can corner the market. Pragmatic +15
We must claim these deposits quickly and make sure we have the weapon technologies to put them to good use. Malevolent +15


Description Choice Effect
Our survey teams are reporting a vast increase in the amount of wormholes that they are encountering. There have even been reports of ships using them to explore far beyond our borders. Instruct our survey ships to be wary as wormholes are often more trouble than they are worth. Benevolent +15
It might be time to pair our survey ships with constructors and see what we can claim on the other side. Pragmatic +15
Perhaps we should see what what lies on the other side and find ourselves some fresh worlds to exploit. Malevolent +15

Mega Event DLC events

The Artifact

Description Choice Effect
A strange Precursor Artifact has appeared out of a tear in spacetime near the [AI race]. It has begun emitting an energy field that seems to be greatly increasing their power. This effect seems to be growing and we fear it will not stop. Others have attempted to destroy the Artifact and failed miserably. We may need to destroy the [AI race] before the Artifact turns them into a race of gods. We must try to befriend them immediately, and make sure they do not consider us a threat. Benevolent +30, +5 Diplomacy
We need to be wary but there's no need to start a war. However, we shall prepare for the worse. Pragmatic +30, +25% Planetary Defense
We must crush them before they become too powerful to stop. Malevolent +30, +15% Military manufacturing


Description Choice Effect Counters
[Player civilization], your treachery has been unmasked. Our spymasters have discovered that you were behind the assassination of our Ambassador to your pathetic civilization. From this moment on we are at war. You will truly regret betraying the [AI civilization]. Please, believe us when we say we had nothing to do with this atrocity; our goals have always been to strengthen our bonds with your people. Benevolent +30 Everyone knows the [Player civilization] are a race of liars. We will have our revenge.
Your spies are mistaken; we wish no harm to your people, but we will defend ourselves if needed. Pragmatic +30 Until you can prove our spies wrong, we are at war. You had best ready your colonies for they will soon be ours.
It was only a matter of time before we betrayed you. This is as good a time as any. Malevolent +30 We had been warned of your treacherous nature. Now that we know the truth, we will wipe you from the galaxy once and for all.

Bank Robbery

Description Choice Effect
We have just received some alarming news. It seems that one of our ships has stumbled upon a dead ship. The crew has killed each other over a vast stash of credits found in the ship's hold. So far no one has mentioned the thefts, so we are not sure what we should do with the Credits. We must track down the victims of this crime and return to them what was taken. Benevolent +50, +5 Diplomacy
Let us put some effort into returning the credits to the victims, minus a generous salvage fee of course Pragmatic +50, +2500 Credits
Let the victims know that the ship was empty when we found it. What a pity. Malevolent +50, -5 Diplomacy, +5000 Credits

Brains Not Brawns

Description Choice Effect
A new race called the Brainy'ak has come out of hiding. They seem to be very gifted researchers and willing to trade for these techs. However we have also noticed that their military is absolutely pathetic. Our advisors suspect that they will not stay independent in this dangerous galaxy without help. We must befriend this new race and make sure they are protected from their more violent neighbors. Benevolent +30
I'm sure that they would be willing to trade some of their technologies for our protection. Pragmatic +30
We have plenty of researchers already. I'm sure we can put their planet to good use. Malevolent +30

Dread Lords

Description Choice Effect
Commander, we have received a disturbing report. Apparently a dormant Dread Lord Colony has been discovered and the fools who found it have awakened them!

Our only hope is to destroy the new colony before they become too powerful for us to stop.

This scourge must not return! The destruction of the Dread Lords should be our highest priority. Benevolent +30
We should strike quickly and convince the galaxy to help us destroy them. Pragmatic +30
Finally a worthy opponent. We shall hunt them down and finalize their extinction. Malevolent +30

Helping Hand

Description Choice Effect
Commander, an unprecedented thing has happened. We have been approached by delegation of scientists, one from each of the other races in the galaxy. They have become concerned with our rise in military power and would like to make a secret agreement with us. They are willing to give us valuable technological tools in exchange for agreeing to slow down our military build up. We certainly have no desire to force our views on others. We will gladly work with them. Benevolent +60, +1000 Research Points, -50% Manufacturing for 30 turns
This seems like an opportunity that we should exploit. Let us see how bad they want a deal. Pragmatic +50, +700 Research Points, -50% Manufacturing for 20 turns
I see no need to give up our advantage. Seize the delegation and see what we can squeeze out of them. Malevolent +60, +250 Research Points, -3 Diplomacy

Life Support

Description Choice Effect
The engineering crew on one of our freighters has found a way to greatly enhance Life Support systems. Unfortunately, this news has been leaked to other races already. The commander of the vessel would seem likely to share this breakthrough with them unless we intervene. Let them share the technology. Perhaps it will buy us some good will. Benevolent +25, +9 Diplomacy, +100% Ship Range to everyone's ships
Since the cat is already out of the bag, insist that the Commander gets a fair price for sharing the knowledge. Pragmatic +25, +2500 Credits, +100% Ship Range to everyone's ships
Take the crew into custody and make sure that the details of this breakthrough are only shared with our researchers. Malevolent +25, +100% Ship Range to own ships

Ludicrous Speed

Description Choice Effect
A scientist back on our homeworld has discovered a way to greatly increase the efficacy of Hyperdrive systems of all kinds. Unfortunately, he seems bent on sharing this knowledge with all his peers, regardless of their race of origin. Let him share his work. If all races advance together we need not fear any one of them gaining an advantage. Benevolent +50, +100% Base Moves to everyone's ships
I'm sure with a little financial incentive we can make sure this knowledge stays with us alone. Pragmatic +25, -2500 Credits, +100% Base Moves to our ships
Make sure the fool has an accident. I'm sure our researchers can make something of his notes. Malevolent +25, +50% Base Moves to our ships


Description Choice Effect
Strange news from our scouts. They have encountered several giant space faring robotic vessels that are patrolling deep space.

They are continuously broadcasting a single message "We will keep the Peace." They have begun attacking the vessels of any race that is currently engaged in a war.

We must take advantage of this turn of events and try to resolve our current conflicts. Benevolent +30
If they encourage peace, we should support them. But if they threaten us, we will destroy them. Pragmatic +30
We will not bow to the whims of these interstellar peaceniks. We will destroy them along with our enemies. Malevolent +30

Pirate Outbreak

Description Choice Effect
Reports are coming in of a large spike in pirate activity. Apparently someone has been providing them with advanced technologies and maybe even ships.

I fear our normal precautions may no longer be enough when dealing with them.

We must defend ourselves from these poor souls. As they stay far away from us, they are none of our concern. Benevolent +40
We must protect our ships and our borders. We will work with our allies to remove this threat. Pragmatic +40
We will hunt down each and every one of these parasites, and teach them the folly of Piracy. Malevolent +40


Description Choice Effect
A consortium of researchers from different races have come up with a new technology, that will greatly boost the efficiency of Research. However, the price they want is very high. If we are not willing to buy it outright, they say they will lease it to anyone who asks. We should encourage the sharing of knowledge. Let them lease the new technology along with our neighbors. Benevolent +50, +100% Base Research to All races, -500 Credits
I'm sure if we provide the right incentive, we can make sure the lease agreement is to our advantage. Pragmatic +50, +50% Base Research to all races, -1000 Credits]], +500 Research Points
I do not like being extorted. Hunt them down and take their research for our own. Malevolent +50, +1000 Research Points

Space Monsters

Description Choice Effect
Our scouts are reporting sightings of giant star faring creatures coming out of deep space. They seem to be breeding and we fear they will become a very real threat to all civilizations of the galaxy, if not controlled. These majestic creatures should be left alone unless they directly threaten our ships or worlds. Benevolent +30
We will destroy any of these monsters that venture into our space. Pragmatic +30
These Space Monsters sound like excellent hunting. Malevolent +30

Wish Upon A Relic

Description Choice Effect
One of our ships has found an amazing Precursor Relic, orbiting the star in a local star system. The Relic's strange energies are diminishing, but the crew thinks they can put it to good use while it lasts. Excellent, let us allocate all of the power to Research. Benevolent +30, +100% Research for 25 turns
I think our best bet would be to divide this power up fairly between our Research and Manufacturing facilities. Pragmatic +30, +50% Manufacturing and Research, for 25 turns
Let us use this power to build up our Military and infrastructure. Malevolent +30, +100% Manufacturing for 25 turns