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A leader's Personality is defined by one or more personality traits attributed to that race. These traits decide how the AI plays that race. Some traits also add flavor text when the player is using that race, or when the AI is speaking to the player. There are currently 12 Personality types which are related to specific play styles, such as Wealth or Culture, that you can choose from. When playing as a custom race, you can choose which traits you want your race to have, while vanilla races cannot have their personalities changed unless you mod the files for that race. When making a custom race, it is best to keep the personality traits to around three, or the race will have conflicting interests, and will play generically.

More information on Personality traits can be found on the list below.

Trait Description Flavor Text
Aggressive More likely to take extreme action in response to diplomatic slights. (They start considering war sooner, highly value embargo treaties against their enemies). If the player is an easy target, they speak openly about conquering their planets.
Peaceful More likely to select a moderate response to diplomatic slights, and emphasizes things in common to promote harmony. (Effects of Diplomatic minuses are halved, Diplomatic pluses are doubled, considers war only as a last resort)
Cruel Tendency to pick on weaker players, and cares less about cultural animosity (no minus or plus from Ideology, extreme minuses from being weak and ripe for conquest, no minus for strong military). May fantasize about eating the other leaders, flaying them alive, or making them their servants.
Expansionist Prioritizes opportunities to expand their empire. (If they see a planet, they will immediately attempt to colonize it, highly values colonization tech).
Greedy Prioritizes opportunity to increase their treasury by any means. (Values trade routes and money trades more than usual)
Opportunistic Values chance to come out ahead in any situation. (They demand more when trading).
Scientific Prioritizes technology research and trade. (Values research and techs very highly in trades) May look forward to studying or sharing knowledge with the other leaders.
Diplomatic Prioritizes effectiveness in diplomatic communication. (Will often try to make beneficial treaties with others) Acts friendly towards the other leaders, and talks of working together.
Cultural Values things that increase their influence in the galaxy. (They value influence very highly and are easily offended by brazen attempts at cultural takeover)
Spiritual Places increased importance on ideological choices. (Ideology diplomatic bonus/penalty is doubled). Regards their enemies as blasphemers and sinners.
Trader Seeks opportunities for peaceful trade. (double diplomatic bonus from trade routes, will make freighters at first opportunity) Looks forward to trading with the other leaders.
Xenophobic More distrustful of all factions. (All diplomatic pluses are halved, and all diplomatic minuses are doubled) Appears disgusted at the sight of the other leaders, loves the phrase "go away".