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Planet Types

Each planet orbiting a star on the game map has a Planet Type, indicated on its tooltip.

Planet Types

Planet Type is a classification of a planet’s biome and general environment. Different Planet Types often have different terrains in differing amounts, determining what resources the planet can provide and informing as to the kind of tiles potentially available when converted into a Core World.

Planet Type Planet Class Planet Resources Orbital Slots Colonization Requirements
Terrestrial World 1 A world balanced with multiple biomes. These are great targets to colonize and then assign a governor to make into a core world.
18-28 1-4 Technology, 1-3 Minerals, 1-6 Wealth, 1-5 Fertility, 1-3 Influence 2
Terrestrial World 2 A world balanced with multiple biomes. These are great targets to colonize and then assign a governor to make into a core world.
25-30 2-3 Technology, 2-4 Minerals, 1-3 Wealth, 2-3 Fertility, 1-3 Influence 2

Planet Type Description
Desert It's a desert. It's exactly what you are picturing.
Terrestrial A world balanced with multiple biomes. These are great targets to colonize and then assign a governor to make into a core world.
Paradise An amazing world. These make excellent core worlds once you colonize and assign a governor to it.
Jungle Often uncomfortable to live on but even the low quality ones make good colonies due to the exotic chemical wealth that can be sent back to core worlds.
Arboreal These worlds make good targets to colonize and then promote to a core world by adding a governor due to their typically high fertility for food growing.
Volcanic Not exactly a pleasant place to live but often good colony targets for the all the wealth and minerals they send back to their core world.
Mountainous Tall mountains and deep ravines cover this planet's surface. Even low quality worlds of this kind can still be good targets to colonize because of the minerals they can send to their core world.
Tropical Often beautiful worlds. Always good targets to colonize. Not always good to turn into a core world as usable land is not always plentiful.
Bombarded Mostly destroyed, but they can still make good colonies to send resources back to our nearest core world.
Thin Atmosphere Not exactly a pleasant place but food tends to grow well here making it attractive as a colony to feed hungry core worlds.
Low Gravity Often unpleasant to live on but low gravity worlds can still make good colonies for the tech they can send back to the nearest core world.
Oceanic These water worlds can be useful given the right technology.
Corrosive Acidic lakes and storms makes this world unsuitable for standard colonization.
Frozen Extremely cold even in the Summer months. Even colder then the mythical 'northern Michigan' in the Winter. These low quality worlds can still be good colony targets if they have sufficient resource outputs.
Barren These rocks in space can still potentially be good targets for colonizing even if they are poor quality if they possess enough resources to send to their core world.
Toxic You wouldn't want to make a Summer home here but toxic worlds often make good targets to colonize due to their resource richness.
Radioactive Very dangerous to live on without the right technology. Radioactive worlds tend to have a lot of exotic resources to use.
Thulium Moon A Precursor world carved from a fragment of a Thulium world. Thulium is a key ingredient in kinetic weapon systems.
Durantium Cloud A Precursor world constructed through collected Durantium asteroids. Durantium is a valuable exotic metal that is needed for most structures needing extreme durability.
Precursor Accelerator A Precursor world built from crystalized Promethium. These worlds make great core worlds due to their scientific features on the surface.
Precursor Satellites A Precursor world that still has a massive array of orbiting relics.
Precursor Elevator A Precursor world with a fully intact space elevator. Once colonized and given a governor to become a core world, these worlds can become manufacturing titans.
Promethion Refinery World A Precursor world that has been completely converted to be a refinery.
Precursor Factory A Precursor World with 3 vast orbital factory rings. These greatly increase the manufacturing potential of the world.
Precursor Lab World A Precursor world that was once the site of exotic scientific experiments.
Precursor Capital Once the capital of the Precursor Civilization.
Precursor Quarantine A once wealthy world quarantined by the Precursors. What remains is so toxic that it is uncolonizable without work.
Precursor Experimental A world thought to have been used by the Precursors for dangerous experimentation. It will take a great deal of work to make it safe to colonize.
Precursor Prison A mysterious world that was once used as a Precursor Prison. Its atmosphere has been poisoned, making it impossible to colonize without a great deal of work.
Shard of the Mithrilar A strange, ancient energy seeps from this world.
Throne of the Arnor Designed to control the galaxy.