Planetary Management

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Planetary Management

Planetary Management

The economy in Galactic Civilization 4 is based around the 5 primary planetary inputs minerals, technology, wealth, farming and culture. These inputs are produced by and fed into core worlds. They are then turned into manufacturing, research, gross income, food, and influence outputs. A major part of the game is developing your economy to get the most out of these resources.

Planetary Input/Output

Input and Output
Planetary Inputs
Planetary Inputs are the raw resources for your economy. They will determine how effective a colony will be at producing its associated output. Colonies will send their planetary inputs to their sponsored core world, but some will be lost due to supply attrition. The table below details each of the inputs, where it's typically found and the output it is paired with.
Planetary Outputs
Citizens, Districts, and Improvements process the planetary inputs and convert them to Planetary Outputs. These outputs are Manufacturing, Research, Income, Food, Influence, Military and Tourism. Manufacturing, Military, and Influence are local outputs meaning they provide an immediate bonus to the core world itself. Research, Food, Tourism, and Income are global outputs which means their benefits apply to your entire civilization. Citizen's specialization, districts, and improvements that increases global outputs should be built on any core world with suitable planetary input. Local outputs on the other hand should be specialized as much as possible to maximize them on their preferred core world.

For instance, if the goal were to specialize your civilization for maximum production, a player could take the following three actions:

  • Train one of their citizen as a worker.
  • Build a manufacturing district.
  • Build a manufacturing improvement.

Planet Tiles

Name Description Unique Per Planet Bonuses
Lush, dense, and teeming with life. No
  • +1%  Manufacturing
Stunning shoreline where the land meets the sea. No
  • +2%  Approval
A particularly fertile area in an otherwise inhospitable land. Yes
  • +2%  Food
Frozen Lakes
The ice traps ages of scientific data and creates beautiful vistas to relax by. No
  • +1%  Research
Clear, isolated regions are good for Research. No
  • +1%  Research
Rolling hills and elevated landforms dominate these lands. No
Vapor Mines
These mines can be extracted to provide a significant economic bonus. Yes
  • +3%  Manufacturing
Massive falls provide almost free energy for manufacturing. Yes
  • +3%  Manufacturing
Fluorescent Forest
The beauty of this forest would be enjoyed by citizens or tourists. Yes
  • +3%  Tourism
A land filled with volcanic ash. No
  • -1%  Food
Fertile Valley
Nestled between mountains, these lush valleys boast rich soil. Yes
  • +3%  Food
Tropical Grassland
Characterized by tall grasses and scattered trees. No
  • +1%  Manufacturing
Food improvements cannot be constructed here. No
Dominated by dense shrubs and hardy plants. No
  • +1%  Manufacturing
Ancient Ruins
These Precursor ruins are renown throughout the galaxy. Yes
  • +3%  Influence
Thriving Reef
This reef is home to many exotic creatures that we can study. Yes
  • +3%  Research
Rare Stones
Rare gems found in this location are valuable throughout the galaxy. Yes
  • +3%  Wealth
Barely usable terrain. There must be better options. No
  • -2%  Research
Nice flat land ready for improvement. No
Expansive grasslands characterized by their semi-arid climate. No
Barely usable terrain. No
  • -2%  Food
Auroras fill the sky here and captivate all who see it. Yes
  • +2%  Approval
These fertile fields are an ideal place for homes. No
  • +1%  Population
Natural Wonder
Attractions built here will draw tourists from the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Yes
  • +3%  Tourism
Barrier Reef
An underwater kaleidoscope of life. No
  • +1%  Research
Gentle slopes providing diverse microclimates. No
  • +1%  Research
Lakes are a fantastic place to attract the best scientists to work. No
  • +1%  Research
Sprawling swamps weave through dense vegetation. No
  • -1%  Manufacturing
Mineral Rich
The minerals found here are extremely useful for construction. Yes
  • +2%  Manufacturing
The reported location of the original scouts to set foot on this world. Yes
  • +1% All Improvements
Volcanic Rifts
Heat from below the surface can be extracted to power production. No
  • +1%  Manufacturing
Flat-topped areas rising sharply above the landscape are strategic. No
  • +1%  Military
Unstable Materials
Undiscovered materials that could be deadly if weaponized. Yes
  • +3%  Military
A serene expanse of shallow waters, encircled by lush foliage. No
  • +1%  Approval
Isolated Biome
The unique flora and fauna of this region will benefit research. Yes
  • +3%  Research
A stretch of clear, shallow waters, gently lapping over fine sands. No
Restorative Herbs
The restorative power of these herbs can be used for medical treatments. Yes
  • +3%  Population
Giant Mushrooms
These freakishly large mushrooms present a generous food source. Yes
  • +3%  Food
This idyllic region is so beautiful that living here makes people happy. Yes
  • +3%  Population
Ancient Wonder
This ancient wonder appears to have been made by the Precursors. Yes
  • +3%  Research
These thick jungles hide a wealth of resources. No
  • +1%  Wealth
Impact Crater
Studying this site could reveal insight about the history of this world. Yes
  • +2%  Research
Geothermal Springs
These springs power manufacturing plants, and heated pools. Yes
  • +3%  Manufacturing
Permanent Rainbow
The beautiful rainbow improves the mood of the local populace. Yes
  • +2%  Approval
Deep natural caverns, perfect for fortifications. No
  • +1%  Military
The isolation of mountains make them excellent for cultural improvements. No
  • +1%  Influence
It is difficult to use heavy equipment here, but the climate is ideal. No
  • -1%  Manufacturing
Underground Relics
Our traders are eager to get their hands on these precious relics. Yes
  • +3%  Wealth
The stunning views of this region provide easy access to minerals. No
  • +1%  Wealth
Precious Metals
Veins of precious metals make this an ideal spot to make some profit. Yes
  • +2%  Wealth
Gold Fields
Fields rich with precious gold, will enrich whoever mines it. Yes
  • +3%  Wealth
Floating Mountains
These mountains are beautiful and bizarre. Yes
  • +3%  Influence
Rare Earth Metals
Rare earth metals allow for much more exotic research methods. Yes
  • +3%  Research
Lava Flow
Flowing lava is in this area making it not terribly useful for anything. No
A good place to build a sinister hideout or stronghold. Yes
  • +2%  Military
Stony Plains
Rugged landscape, with rocky surfaces and sparse vegetation. No
Volcanic Plains
A surprisingly useful place for conducting sinister research. No
  • -1%  Food
  • +1%  Research
Fertile Plains
Spanning vast expanses, these lands are the heartland of agriculture. No
  • +1%  Food
Forests provide raw material that can be useful to manufacturing. No
  • +1%  Manufacturing
This is where everyone wants to live, or at least visit once in their life. Yes
  • +2% All Improvements
These nutrient rich flood plains are perfect for growing food. No
  • +1%  Food