Planetary Siege

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Planetary Invasion

Each ship contributes to the fleet's conquest rating which is the invasion power of the fleet. Siege Frigates and Transports are the largest contributors to the total conquest rating. Transports require a citizen and will use that Citizen’s resolve stat to calculate the conquest rating of the transport.

To start an invasion on a planet, click on your ship and right click on the planet your wanting to invade. This will start the siege animation and display the invasion progress screen. An invasion must be able to complete within 10 turns or less, else the invasion will not be be able to proceed. If successful this counts as the first turn of the invasion so all movement is expended and the planetary defenses is reduced.

Conquest Rating – The invasion power of the fleet. Used to reduce the Planetary Defense. Planetary Defense – Based on citizens, improvements, and other bonuses. When this is reduced to zero the planet changes hands. As long as the planet is not currently being invaded it will regenerate a portion of it's Planetary Defense each turn until it reaches it's maximum capacity.

Invasion Mechanics

Invasions are handled using a simple mechanic:

  • At the start of the turn any ships currently invading a planet will consume all of their movement points to continue the siege.
  • Every turn, the Planetary Defense is reduced by the conquest rating of the invading fleet.
  • If the planetary defense is depleted the conquering civilization gains ownership of the planet.

Tips for Invasions

  • Since movement is expended for the invasion it’s recommended to have a garrison fleet nearby guard the planet immediately after conquering it.
  • Typically siege frigates can take a colony, but transports are more effective at taking a core world. Fleets of 5+ siege frigates may be required to take core worlds under the 10 turns limit.
  • If you have space superiority around the area you may want to split your invasion fleet into multiple elements to take a system as a whole. Send your frigates to take the colonies and transports to take the core worlds.
  • You can cancel your invasion in order to respond to other events or to increase the size of the invasion fleet. Only a small amount of planetary defense is regenerated each turn.
  • Protect your transports and siege frigates! Try to have a few escorts in the fleet. You cannot “cover” your fleet with another fleet since the defender is chosen at random. If you have space superiority you can consider splitting up your fleet into multiple elements to invade more targets at a time.
  • Taking the core planets before the colonies avoids the problem of taking a world and having it annexed through influence.
  • Don't hesitate to equip your transports and siege frigates with some weapons if they have space for them. They could make all the difference if your invasion fleet is surprised by a sneak attack along the way.