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Planets are the main source for your empire to grow and expand. There are several planet types that one may colonize or mine, and some planets are just completely useless.

Planet Class and Usable Tiles

A planet's class determines the number of usable tiles on its surface. Green outlined tiles allow for the construction of any available improvement, while other colored tiles require specific technology to be converted to general use.

Planet Surface

The majority of the colony screen is taken up by the map of the planet's surface. This map is overlaid with a hexagonal tile grid. Each tile represents an area where an improvement can be built. Gain access to more improvements or more tiles on the planet's surface through research projects in the tech tree.

Planet Features and Tile Bonuses

Some tiles have special features that give bonuses to improvements built on them. These are denoted in-game by a small colored graphic icon at the bottom of that tile. Mousing over the icons found in these tiles will provide a brief description of the type of feature present and give a suggestion as to what types of improvements would benefit the most by being built there.  In general, the colors of the icons will also provide at-a-glance information as to the benefit bestowed (orange boosts manufacturing, gold boosts income, dark blue boosts research, etc.). A more specific listing is provided below.

Natural Wonder - Boosts Influence

Ancient Ruin - Boosts Research

Geothermal Springs - Boosts Manufacturing

Cataract - Boosts Manufacturing, and to a lesser extent, Research

Planetfall - Boosts Influence, and to a lesser extent, Wealth

Ancient Wonder - Boosts Influence

Precious Metals - Boosts Wealth, and to a lesser extent, Research

Rare Stones - Boosts Wealth

Mineral Rich - Boosts Research

Rare Earth - Boosts Research, and to a lesser extent, Manufacturing

Haven - Boosts Approval

Caverns - Boosts Military (planetary defense improvements)

Paradise - Boosts Approval

Wasteland - Boosts Manufacturing