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Civilization Polices represent the current thrust of your Civilization's social, industrial, economic and military endeavours, as determined by your central government. Functionally, these are player assignable policies that grant bonuses and penalties to resource production, trade and diplomacy, abilities for your military vessels and so on.

There are many Civilization Policies to unlock in the game. The first few are initially unlocked along with the rest of the Civilization interface when the Colonial Policies Tech is researched. Each Civilization has access to its own set of Policies, with new ones available for unlock by exploring the Research Trees and the various Ideology branches in Cultural Progression.

There are seven Civilization Policy slots available in total, but most Civilizations will start with only one unlocked. More Policy slots can again be unlocked through researching various Techs and spending Culture Points to purchase Ideological Traits.

To assign a Civilization Policy to an unlocked slot, drag it from the Available Policy pool over to the slot. Civilization Policies can be changed at will without penalty.

Policy List

Name Description Effects Requirements
Asteroid Exploitation
Our species are natural ' archeologists '. We can make use of this ability to get far more benefit from any asteroids we are able to mine.
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +100%  Raw Production
  • Requires  Archaeologist Ability
Cultural Values
If we conquer the galaxy but lose our identity in the process we have been defeated, if only by ourselves.
  • +10%  Influence Growth
  • -1  Diplomacy Bonus
The Great Expansion
The galaxy is an amazing opportunity and many would be entrepreneurs on our home world are likely to sign up to leave if we can compensate them for their setup costs.
  • +1  Maintenance
  • +200%  Growth
  • Requires  Wealthy Ability
Secret Police
With our empire now stretching across the stars, there's many dark corners we can disappear troublemakers to...
  • -50%  Crime
Free Trade
Embargoes, subsidies and taxes are the enemy of economic growth. By allowing open trade between civilizations we all prosper.
  • +33%  Trade Route Value
  • +10%  Gross Income
  • -0.05  Manufacturing
Export Food
A small amount of food is exported from each world for wealth to each world.
  • -2  Food
  • +2  Gross Income
Remote Piloting
We are a manufactured species that can create ships with sentient but synthetic pilots that can withstand forces that would crush the soft, squishy fleshlings. This policy will allow our ships to travel faster.
  • +1  Moves
  • Requires  Synthetic Ability
Experimental Drives
The safety thresholds of our engines are well below their actual capability. We can unlock their potential if we are okay with occasional side effects.
  • +1  Moves
  • -20%  Hit Points
Urban Planning
By including adequate space for all needs we can provide for our citizens in a way that empty rhetoric won't.
  • +2  Population Cap
Underwater Homes
We are not restricted to the land. The ocean was our home, and we can live there still.
  • +2  Population Cap
  • Requires  Aquatic Ability
We are an ' inspired ', species. To that end, we can seek out the best and brightest of our people and see what amazing ideas they might have to spur technological progress. Research bonus is only applied to the Homeworld
  • +2  Research
  • Requires  Inspired Ability
Protect the Planet
The planet came before us, and will exist after. How long we remain upon it will depend on if we are a good caretaker.
  • -0.2  Pollution
  • -5%  Manufacturing
Heritage Protection
We were first in this galaxy and should preserve our ways and our home eternal. We will use this to influence other civilizations. Influence bonus is only applied to the Homeworld
  • +100%  Influence Growth
  • Requires  Ancient Ability
Prototype Defenses
Nothing is more important than the lives of those brave enough to lead our charge into space. We should do everything in our power to protect them.
  • +2  Armor Rating
  • +2  Shield Strength
  • +2  Evasion
Ban Dissent
We are stronger when we are united in purpose, and therefore speaking against our government weakens us and is effectively treason.
  • +100%  Maintenance
  • +0.1  Approval
  • +0.05  Crime
Starship Specifications
The rush to create will always result in an inferior product. Time and craftsmanship will ensure the quality of our ships is second to none.
  • -5%  Manufacturing
  • +20%  Hit Points
Tax Exemptions
Our elite argue that the government makes poor use of their money. By providing a wide range of tax exemptions their businesses can grow, even if the public coffers don't.
  • -20%  Gross Income
  • +8  Loyalty
Endless Feast
Our ' ravenous ' nature makes us appreciate a good meal. To that end, we will be harvesting life from other planets for consumption at home.
  • +0.2  Approval
  • -2  Diplomacy Bonus
  • +1  Food
  • Requires  Ravenous Ability
Shoddy Construction
We are a ' prolific ' civilization and are willing to do what needs to be done to get structures built as quickly as possible. Reduces improvement construction cost but increases upkeep.
  • -50%  Construction Cost
  • +300%  Maintenance
  • Requires  Proliferation Ability
  • Blocked by  Synthetic Ability
Extreme Automation
So-called 'Synthetic' species such as ourselves have the ability to work together in ways that fleshlings cannot. This comes at a cost, even for us, but we can greatly increase our production as a result.
  • -20%  Gross Income
  • +15%  Manufacturing
  • Requires  Synthetic Ability
Open Immigration
If we are to survive we must appeal not only to our citizens, but to those outside of our empire.
  • +0.1  Tourism
  • +20%  Growth
Police State
If our citizens want the government to be accountable for their condition, they must give the government the tools to control that condition.
  • -0.03  Approval
  • +1  Control Per Month
  • -0.1  Crime
We stand, or fall, together. And from each is expected a unity of purpose and service.
  • -0.03  Approval
  • +15%  Manufacturing
Heart of the Empire
Our homeworld is the core of our civilization, and the pinnacle of who we are as a people. Influence and Income are only applied to the Homeworld.
  • +10%  Influence Growth
  • +10%  Gross Income
  • Blocked by  Silicon Based Ability
  • Blocked by  Ammonia Based Ability
  • Blocked by  Ravenous Ability
Reproductive Imperative
Our species has never had a problem replacing its numbers. However, recent events have made it clear that we need to greatly increase our growth.
  • +2  Maintenance
  • +100%  Growth
  • Requires  Unrelenting Ability
  • Blocked by  Wealthy Ability
Genetic Manipulation
Our capabilities are not determined by chance, but by intent. +2 Intelligence for all Citizens and Leaders
  • +2  Intelligence
  • +10%  Growth
Land Exploitation
We are in a period of rapid interstellar expansion. The expense requires we take unusual measures to increase our wealth. This policy will open up public lands to extreme mining techniques to generate additional wealth.
  • +5  Gross Income
  • +0.3  Pollution
Our wealthy civilization will do better if we eliminate remaining social programs and regulation.
  • +100%  Gross Income
  • +0.2  Pollution
  • +0.1  Crime
  • Requires  Wealthy Ability
Fleet Build Up
There is little use in accumulated assets if we lack the ability to defend them.
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +10%  Military
Foreign Dumping
We have found the perfect solution to our polluted worlds, secretly dumping our toxic waste on other planets. Spreads 10% Pollution through trade routes
  • +0.1  Pollution
  • -0.1  Pollution
  • -2  Diplomacy Bonus
Economic Development
Develops the economy of each of our worlds.
  • +2  Wealth
Cave of Echoes
Our homeworld is where our sentience was born. This most sacred place must be maintained for future generations. Influence bonus is only applied to the Homeworld.
  • +0.03  Approval
  • +10%  Influence Growth
  • Requires  Silicon Based Ability
IP Theft
Our resourceful nature can be used to aggressively steal the bits of research from other civilizations.
  • +20%  Research
  • -1  Diplomacy Bonus
  • Requires  Resourceful Ability
Emergency Coalition
War often calls for all of us to sacrifice for the common good.
  • -0.03  Approval
  • +50%  Military
  • -25%  Manufacturing
Population Boom
Our ' fertile ' nature can be leveraged to increase our population quickly. We are going to need all the people we can get to populate the universe.
  • +0.1  Approval
  • -25%  Gross Income
  • +200%  Growth
  • Requires  Fertile Ability
Unregulated Corporations
Corporations may be more effective without regulations limiting their growth. But, our advisors warn that regulations are critical to avoid disastrous events.
  • +10%  Gross Income
  • +0.05  Pollution
Mandatory Service
Defense of our worlds must be the first priority of our government, or no other priority matters. With this measure each of our planets receive 3 free guardian fighters
  • +3  Guardian Fighters Cap
Fast Exploration
As natural ' explorers ', we have the ability to sacrifice the quality of our ships, to get a bit more performance out of the engines.
  • -50%  Hit Points
  • +2  Moves
  • Requires  Voyagers Ability
Wealth Tax
Our wealthiest citizens have benefited the most from our society. They should be taxed not only on their profit, but annually on any wealth they hold.
  • +20%  Gross Income
  • -15  Loyalty
Defensive Measures
By focusing on basic defenses we limit the reach of our explorers, but significantly limit their risk.
  • -25%  Ship Range
  • +20%  Hit Points
Research Grants
Education is the torch that will lead us into the next age, and resolve the problems we find there.
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +20%  Research
Infrastructure Support
Distributing our infrastructure is an expensive process but dramatically helps remote worlds. Manufacturing bonus is not applied to the Homeworld
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +10%  Manufacturing
Without Slumber
We do not require sleep like organic species, we rest for balance and pleasure. But, if our civilization requires it, this pleasure can be ignored.
  • -0.05  Approval
  • +20%  Manufacturing
  • Requires  Silicon Based Ability
Xeno Harvesting
Our ' unrelenting ' nature shows us the truth that other species exist only as either our food or to provide wealth. This policy means that we will always seek to maximize the wealth we are able to extract from the universe to our homeworld
  • -1  Diplomacy Bonus
  • +50%  Gross Income
  • Requires  Unrelenting Ability
Shipyard Stimulus
We must subsidize our Shipyards with more manufacturing help.
  • -5%  Gross Income
  • +20%  Military
Security Lights
There are simple steps that can be taken to keep our citizens safe. The first of these is adequate lighting in all areas of our cities.
  • -0.05  Crime
Free Housing
The least among us struggle to find shelter. By providing minimum housing to all of our citizens we make sure that they have a foundation to build upon.
  • +0.06  Approval
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +25%  Growth
Empathic Connection
We are an ' empathic ' people. Our civilization must work together more than ever to thrive in this next stage of our history. By using our empathic ability actively we can increase our happiness greatly.
  • +0.15  Approval
  • Requires  Empathy Ability
You Are Just A Number
Personal expression is a distracting and ultimately toxic influence on our society. Also, it's weird. If we condemn it we can focus our citizens on more productive pursuits.
  • -0.03  Approval
  • +10%  Manufacturing
Singular Purpose
Our nature is ' unrelenting ' due to our ability to work together with singular purpose. With a little effort, we can increase our control over our worlds.
  • +1  Control Per Month
  • Requires  Unrelenting Ability
Hull Reinforcing
With the dangers of space and our own familiarity with exotic materials we can ensure that our ships are more robust than others.
  • +20%  Hit Points
  • Requires  War Profiteers Ability
They laugh at our byzantine laws, and they may make simple tasks more complex. But when the greatest logistical challenges come, our administration is ready.
  • +4  Logistics
Subspace Sensors
Our species are very good at ' starfaring '. With a little extra spending, we can greatly increase our sensor range.
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +100%  Sensor Range
  • Requires  Starfaring Ability
Toxin Spreading
We can spread our influence and make worlds to our liking by spreading Pollution through trade. Spreads 10% Pollution through trade routes
  • +0.1  Pollution
  • -2  Diplomacy Bonus
  • Requires  Ammonia Based Ability
Block Embassies
Diplomacy is the tool of the weak to bind the strong. We will speak directly, and with our military if needed. We can not assign or accept diplomats
Grove Growth
Our spores can be used to increase the food production on our worlds.
  • +50%  Food
  • Requires  Spores Ability
Planetary Stimulus
What value is wealth if it doesn't improve the life of our citizens.
  • -5%  Gross Income
  • +20%  Manufacturing
Genius Grants
There is no more rewarding investment than in our brightest minds. Gives every core world an additional research point.
  • -10%  Gross Income
  • +1  Research
Coerced Colonization
If we are to colonize the galaxy we will need to inspire our citizens. This can be done through propaganda, incentives, or force. Doubles population growth.
  • -0.10  Approval
  • +100%  Growth
  • Requires  Carbon Based Ability
  • Blocked by  Fertile Ability
  • Blocked by  Ravenous Ability
Unregulated Research
This age will be led by those with the most advanced technology. But our advisors warn that regulations are critical to avoid disastrous consequences.
  • +10%  Research
Reduced Regulations
We believe we can increase our tax revenue if we reduce the number of regulations our citizens must adhere to.
  • -0.5  Control Per Month
  • +20%  Gross Income
Look the Other Way
What happens in the dark corners of our empire is none of our business. Crime is spread through Trade Routes
  • +0.1  Crime
  • +0.1  Crime
  • Requires  Crime Lord Ability
Slave Labor
Why pay ten men to do a job when you can pay one to beat the other nine if they don't work?
  • -90%  Maintenance
  • -1  Diplomacy Bonus
  • Requires  Slavers Ability
Free Media
The cornerstone of a successful civilization is a powerful media that can speak without fear of reprisal.
  • +1  Diplomacy Bonus
We are a loyal people. This has allowed for our officers to form bonds that build trust without fear of cynical ambition. We can leverage this to improve the performance of our officer corps.
  • +0.5 Experience Bonus
  • Requires  Loyal Ability