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Civilization Polices represent the current thrust of your Civilization’s social, industrial, economic and military endeavours, as determined by your central government. Functionally, these are player assignable policies that grant bonuses and penalties to resource production, trade and diplomacy, abilities for your military vessels and so on.

There are many Civilization Policies to unlock in the game. The first few are initially unlocked along with the rest of the Civilization interface when the Colonial Policies Tech is researched. Each Civilization has access to its own set of Policies, with new ones available for unlock by exploring the Research Trees and the various Ideology branches in Cultural Progression.

There are seven Civilization Policy slots available in total, but most Civilizations will start with only one unlocked. More Policy slots can again be unlocked through researching various Techs and spending Culture Points to purchase Ideological Traits.

To assign a Civilization Policy to an unlocked slot, drag it from the Available Policy pool over to the slot. Civilization Policies can be changed at will without penalty.