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Prestige is a measure of a civilization’s status. A Civilization with a high enough Prestige will win the game through dominion in several areas.

Prestige can be earned by completing Galactic Challenges, and taken from your enemies by capturing their worlds or otherwise dismantling their sources of Prestige.

The following aspects of your Civilization are scored and tallied towards a Prestige Victory:

  • Military Power
  • Faction Power
  • Technology Score
  • Manufacturing Score
  • Economic Power
  • Research Rate Score
  • Ascension Score
  • Sector Ownership Score
  • Population Score
  • Galactic Challenges

1000 Prestige points are required to achieve a Prestige Victory, and any combination of points in any of the above scores will satisfy the trigger condition.

Prestige Victory is an optional victory condition that is designed to end the game at the point that one of the players have become so powerful that they’re unlikely to be challenged. Once a Prestige Victory has triggered, the player can choose to continue playing and dominate the rest of the map if they so wish. This means you can safely activate this Victory condition and not worry about your game being forced to end before you want it to.

A Prestige Victory Condition can also be a fun way for advanced players to challenge themselves by focusing on one specific aspect of their Civilization and attempting to gain the highest score they can. For example, a Corporate Sector player can try to win the game primarily through a huge Economic Power score.

Galactic Challenges

Galactic Challenges are a series of Quests and Events that the player can voluntarily trigger once certain in-game conditions have been met, and on completion will provide a number of Prestige points to count towards a Prestige Victory. These challenges are designed to test the player’s Civilization in various areas, and are intended to bring some flavour and excitement into the middle and endgame portions of a campaign, and to help the player bring the game to a close and see a victory screen when they feel the time is right for the game to end.