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Probes are a kind of ship used for exploring the galaxy, and are available to the player right from the start of the game. Probes are notable for being fast moving, having unlimited range and a sensor package, perfect for charting the sectors of the galaxy in the exploration phase of the game. Their cheap cost make them an effective scout, and after the early game their role switches from exploration to detecting enemy positions in the fog of war. Probes can be set to Explore and automatically remove the Fog of War from the map from around the player's existing territory. The AI will control the Probe while it exercises this mission until it is deactivated by the player.

Probe Module

Probes are designated as such by an attached Probe module, which grants the ship unlimited range and a sensor package. Each ship can fit only one Probe module at a time. Probe modules can be attached to larger warships for the unlimited range and a movement speed and Sensor Range boost too.