Research Tree

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Research Tree

Technological progression throughout the game is delineated using the Research Trees, also known as the Tech Navigator, where four different broad fields of research are each further broken down into individual “Techs”.

These Techs represent important technological breakthroughs, are researched one by one in sequential fashion. Achieving a breakthrough on one Tech may open up more than one follow-up Tech, causing the branches on the tree to open up into new lines of research at various points.

The four Research Trees each cover a broad range of related technological development lines, and are as follows:

  • Engineering - Exploration, Starbases, Resource Production, Logistics and Propulsion technologies.
  • Colonization - Colonization, Agriculture, Medicines, Technological Development, Precursor Archaeology and Manufacturing technologies.
  • Warfare: Military Ships, Weaponry, Defensive Systems and Invasion technologies.
  • Governance - Communications, Governmental Infrastructure, Culture, Diplomacy, Trade.

Each Tech breakthrough has a Research Point cost, and once selected as the candidate for your scientists to research, all Research points generated each month will be deducted from this number. Once the Research Point cost has been paid, a breakthrough will occur.

Each Tech will unlock new bonuses, features and abilities for your Civilization, ranging from increased production of resources, new components for Ships and Starbases, Improvements for Core Worlds, the ability to Colonize different planet types, more Trade Licenses and much more.

It is extremely important to keep apace of your rivals in the race up the Research Trees, as the higher Techs will provide particularly powerful benefits, and Civilizations that lag behind will find themselves at a severe disadvantage.