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Ship Range

In Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova, Fleets and individual Ships can only travel as far as the Civilization’s current Ship Range will allow. This represents the troubles of designing, building, fuelling and providing logistical support to space vessels across almost inconceivable distances. Note that some Ships have an infinite range, most notably Probes and any Ship with a Probe module attached.

A Fleet's Ship Range is measured out from the nearest Core World, Colony or Starbase, which are assumed to be a source of logistical supply. A Civilization's base Ship Range is determined by their technological development along the Ships can be designed with additional modules that extend their Ship Range beyond the Civilization’s base range.

To examine the Ship Range of an individual Ship or Fleet, either hover the mouse over it to activate the tooltip, or select it and then mouse-over the picture of the Ship or Fleet in the bottom left pane. If the map is zoomed out far enough, the limits of a Ship or Fleet’s range is indicated by a grey line.

Sensor Range

Sensor Range determines how far into the Fog of War a Core World, Colony, Starbase, individual Ship or Fleet can detect non-planetary, non-star objects around them out in space, such as rival Civilization’s Fleets and the Ships of the various hostile NPC factions in-game.

Note that the option No Fog of War in Territory will allow the player to see any Ships or Fleets entering hexes covered by their own Influence borders.

Like Ship Range, the player can examine the Sensor Range of a Starbase, Ship or Fleet by clicking on it: the limits of the Sensor Range will be shown in the Civilization’s relevant color. To see the Ship Range as a value, activate the tooltip of the Ship or Fleet by hovering the mouse over it, or select it and click on the picture in the bottom left of the screen. A Starbase’s Sensor Range value can be seen by double clicking on the Starbase on the map, or on its picture, and checking the value in the Stats section in the Starbase Report section at the left of the screen.