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Species Pack DLC

Expand your universe with the Galactic Civilizations IV Species Pack! This exciting DLC introduces a host of new alien species, along with powerful tools to create, customize, and share your unique species with the community.

Discover and interact with several new species, including Gaseous species, Mollusks, Mammalians, and more, each bringing their unique characteristics and abilities to the galaxy.

Design your species with specific strengths and weaknesses, choose their advisor pictures, and determine what their citizens look like.

Use the built-in Species uploading tool to share your customized species with other players online.

Experience a more detailed classification system for species with the introduction of Phenotypes, fully integrated with AlienGPT.

With the Galactic Civilizations IV Species Pack, the galaxy is more diverse and dynamic than ever. Enhance your gameplay by introducing new species and enjoy the creativity of the community through shared species creations. Dive into a richer, more expansive universe today!

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