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A Starbase is a static construction in space that provides certain bonuses and abilities within its area of effect. They are built using a non-combat Ship called a Constructor, which is consumed in the process. Starbases are generally quite well defended and will participate in combat if attacked by enemy Fleets.

There are four types of Starbase:

  • Mining Starbase - allows the collection of Strategic Resources.
  • Economic Starbase - provides a Manufacturing, Income and Research boost to worlds in the area of effect.
  • Communications Starbase - provides a Cultural boost to worlds in the area of effect, and produces its own Influence too.
  • Military Starbase - greatly improves the performance of combat Ships in the area of effect, and are formidable in combat when facing down enemy Fleets.

Each Starbase must be built with at least 3 hexes space between it and another Starbase, but the areas of effect of each base do overlap and any bonuses or penalties stack.

To create a Starbase, build a Constructor at a Shipyard and then navigate it to the desired hex, which must be empty and adhering to the Starbase spacing rule above. Then click the Construct Starbase button on the Ship’s toolbar.

Each Starbase type has many different modules that can be added for various effects, whether to increase the effectiveness of that type of base’s main effect, or for additional functionality and abilities. For example, sensor packages can be installed to increase the Sensor Range of a base, and defensive systems can make them more dangerous in combat. These modules can be unlocked through researched Techs in the yellow Starbase branch of the Engineering Tech Tree.