Tactical Battles

Galactic Civilizations is a strategic level war game. Unlike other games, you do not have direct control over your individual ships once combat begins. Instead, each of your ships follows orders based on their role and equipped weapons when an attack order is given. There are also a few long-range volley attack options using beams, antimatter bombs, and missiles.

Order of Combat

To initiate combat, select the ship or fleet using the left mouse button and right click the enemy fleet. If you’re not already at war, you will be asked if you want to declare war on that fleet's faction. In the event more than one fleet is located on the same tile, your opponent will be chosen at random. Once the attack order is issued the results are calculated automatically. Depending on your game settings you may have the option to review the results of the attack in the battle viewer, otherwise a quick animation will take place and there will be a notification located in the GNN where you can find all your per turn notifications.

If the GNN doesn't appear, click on the Monthly News Report icon found on the top left corner of the screen.

Quick Explanation:
Combat in Galactic Civilizations takes place in phases. In each phase ships will move and fire. When weapons connect, damage is adjusted based on the target's defenses and any remaining damage is applied to the hull. Ships are removed from combat when their hull points are depleted. This will repeat until one side is the victor or the phase limit has been reached causing both sides to retreat.

Detailed Explanation:
1. Fleets are arranged based on their role.
2. Armor and shields are set to their maximum levels.

Battle Phase (1 – 100 phases):
1. Each ship will move forward based on its tactical speed.
2. Ships will choose a new target from the roles at the top of it's priority list regardless of how far away it is.
3. Ships will perform only one attack with each of their weapon types that are in range and off cooldown. These will only be used against their chosen target.
4. Damage is calculated and applied to ships. Any ships that end with <= 0 hp will be destroyed.
5. If one side loses all of their ships, the other is declared the victor. If both sides have remaining ships after 100 phases, both sides will retreat and the battle is considered a draw. Otherwise, it continues to the next phase.


  • Ships will move then fire. This means they will sometimes fly past and circle each other. This should have no effect on combat.
  • Core ships stop moving once in range of one of its weapons allowing for long range bombardment. This gives larger ships more time to continue their attack without joining the melee.
  • Both sides will move and attack at the same time. The attacker does not gain any special advantage.
  • Ships do not attack targets of opportunity along the way and reserve their shots for their primary target.

Debug data: