Torian Regime

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The Torian Regime is a major civilization in Galactic Civilizations III

Twice made slaves of the Drengin Empire. The Torians now strive to rebuild their once great civilization. Though still untrusting of other races, they are willing to work with even the most undesirable forces to secure their future.


The Torian Regime has twice been enslaved by the Drengin Empire. Thought to be utterly defeated by the rest of the galaxy, the Torians have taken advantage of the Terran Crusade against the Drengin to once again liberate themselves. Freeing their home world from the Drengin occupation with the help of hired mercenaries, they now struggle to rebuild their Regime and secure their place in the galaxy, vowing to never be slaves again.


The Torian Regime has lost much, but their spirit remains unbroken. They have also gained the favor of powerful mercenary forces and have learned to use them to great advantage.

As a species that first evolved to sapience in the oceans of their home world, they also have the advantage of being able to colonize aquatic worlds and are hospitable to most species.