Trade Resources

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Trade resources are a type of resource found on planets. They provide benefits to any player that has them. They can be traded to other empires. If you have one of these resources on a tile on one of your planets, you also have the option of destroying the resource, thus freeing up the hex tile for other buildings.

Bonus to Adjacent Improvements

Each trade resource on a planet provides an adjacency bonus to surrounding tiles.

Player Achievement Bonus

Each trade resource has a bonus associated with owning the resource. This is a global bonus that applies to your entire civ. The bonuses do indeed stack (despite the tooltip when looking at the resource saying "One Per Player") so owning 2 Precursor Nanites, for example, will give you a global +10% to your manufacturing on all of your colonies.

Note that if you trade a resource away to another civ and then lose your access to that resource, the civ that you traded the resource to continues to receive that resource until the number of turns expire, leaving you with a negative number of that resource. You do not receive any penalties from having a negative number of trade resources. There are several ways you could lose access to a trade resource:

  • Destroy the trade resource on the colony screen of one of your planets.
  • Give away or lose a planet to another civ.
  • An agreement from another civ granting you the trade resource expires.

Types of trade resources

Artocarpus Viriles Growth +5% +2 Adjacent Population
Aurorus Arboretum Tourism Income +5% +2 Adjacent Influence
Crystallized Elerium Shield Strength +5% +2 Adjacent Military
Epimetheus Pollen Ship Range +5% +2 Adjacent Military
Harmony Crystals Morale +1 +2 Adjacent Approval
Helios Ore Capacity +5% +2 Adjacent Military
Hyper Silicates Research +5% +2 Adjacent Research
Monsatium Deposit Food +1 +2 Adjacent Population
Precursor Nanites Manufacturing +5% +2 Adjacent Manufacturing
Prometheus Stone Moves +5% +2 Adjacent Military
Snuggler Colony Influence Growth +5% +2 Adjacent Influence
Techapod Hive Maintenance -5% +2 Adjacent Manufacturing
Thulium Catalyst Sensor Range +5% +2 Adjacent Research
Ultra Spice Gross Income +5% +2 Adjacent Wealth
Xanthium Deposit Hit Points +5% +2 Adjacent Military