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V 2.13 Update



We are very pleased with the reception Crusade has received so far! Glad you like it!

We have also received a ton of feedback and, unfortunately, cases where the data from the base game crept into Crusade.

Note: The ludicrous maps sizes and tech tree updates available in the opt-in are NOT in this release. We'll include those in an upcoming update. Opt-in save games NOT compatible with the live version.

AI updates

  • Deciding "ships to build" moved into the planning phase so that it can better keep track of its ship inventory
  • If Minor races get ahold of a ship (like constructors via ideology) they now will do something with them [hat tip: GalCiv Discord https://discord.gg/JN2XH6A)
  • AI less inclined to build war support vessels
  • Only expansive civilizations will try the colony rush strategy now. [hattip: GalCiv forums]
  • AI players that are at war with everyone won't bother to build freighters [hat tip: GalCiv Discord team: https://discord.gg/JN2XH6A)
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in GalCiv 1.9 to improve multiplayer where credit transfers are sent as a message. This caused the AI to not be properly charged for rushing ships.
  • AI prioritizes getting resources for its starbases over economic ones early game.
  • Better Spy handling
  • Broad, overall improvements to AI for dealing with player threats, creating bigger fleets, etc.
  • AI will not try to recruit various citizen types until much later in the game
  • AI does more evaluation on its economic status when determining whether to train a citizen as an Entrepreneur
  • Trade: The AI does not add any more offers if the offering party doesn't have the credits/resources to back it up.
  • Increased odds of AI building transports, training generals.
  • AI builds resource improvements better

Hull Changes

  • Tiny Hulls:
    • Cost reduced from 11 to 10
    • Logistics reduced from 2 to 1
  • Small:
    • Logistics reduced from 3 to 2
  • Medium:
    • Cost increased from 56 to 60
  • Large:
    • Cost increased from 128 to 150
    • Logistics increased from 7 to 10
  • Huge:
    • Cost increased from 432 to 500
    • Logistics increased from 10 to 12
  • Starbase: HP reduced from 100 to 50


  • Took away the Leader's +1 to raw production on every planet [hattip: GalCiv Forums]
  • Hull Reinforcement ship module HP boost reduced from 20 to 5 [Stop Brad's cheese tactics]
  • Scavenger Mission moved from Colonial Engineering tech to Interstellar Survey [hattip: GalCiv forums]
  • Military Academy cost reduced from 200 to 75
  • Xenophobic race ability now provides 100% boost to social and research on a planet but a 75% penalty to ship production.
  • Synthetics granted trade techs
  • Wealthy ability provides +1 to raw production on every world in addition to the money it provides
  • Starbase cultural forum influence increased from 0.5 to 2
  • Starbase Information Hub increased from 1 to 4 influence per turn
  • Starbase Interstellar change influence increased from 1.5 to 6 influence per turn
  • Starbase interstellar embassy increased from 2 to 8 influence per turn
  • Central Bank improvement now doubles colony wealth and increases +1 gold per turn for each level
  • Market Center provides 5% more of a wealth bonus per level (up from 1%)
  • Other wealth based improvements now match market center bonus levels.
  • Reduced improvement maintenance.
  • Galactic wonders now generally provided an improvement bonus.
  • Sneaky no longer gives you a spy turn 1, gives you espionage tech
  • Drengin forced to be Merciless (they have an image to uphold)
  • Commander now increases the logistics cap of a specific fleet
  • Mo money from missions
  • Recruit citizen project and similar ones are given a secondary type to allow the AI to better identify them
  • Conqueror Ability provides +1 to shipyard construction and a 100% to legion quality. No longer gives invasion tech.
  • First level Xeno farm is allowed for aquatic factions again.
  • The Research Institute improvement now gives 7.5% bonus, not 75%


  • AI calculates its stats during its own threaded turn rather than in a single update all players thread
  • Lots of late game performance improvements (hat tip: ZINGO! https://discord.gg/JN2XH6A)
  • Influence calculations moved to a background thread to keep the game from getting "jerky" on large maps late game.
  • Diplomacy updates now handled as a threaded job.


  • Cosmetic texture updates
  • Invasion screen prettier
  • Improved alignment for tooltips
  • Removed duplicate ability names in the Civ. Builder
  • Reduced administration alert priority to Medium (from High) to reduce spam.
  • Polish pass on colony ship animations
  • Remove redundant screen title on the Multiplayer setup screen.
  • Fix missing tooltip description on the Worker Recall Production. 
  • Trades no longer (incorrectly) display have negative credits
  • Improved FOW Border for both appearance and perf.
  • Updated several screens from the old style to Crusade Style.
  • Fixed mislabeled Resource names
  • Fixed bad alignment for ideology Tooltip stats.
  • Updated credits tooltip in resource bar to be more informative
  • Torians and Arceans factions don't show twice If you own Crusades, but not Mercenaries.
  • Changed tooltip for starbase upgrading to be more clear.
  • Fix the Constructor tool tip to be accurate.
  • Fixed the Quick Research Window to avoid text overlapping 
  • Sylne UP portrait is no longer squashed
  • Implementation for minor player text tooltips.
  • Added a strategic icon for the Mission ships
  • Updated text for various techs.
  • Several improvements now have improved icons
  • Fixed small break in between the tech tree entries on Normal and Medium UI sizes


Lots of GOG prep stuff for GOG Galaxy


Lots of new insults


  • Changed tooltip for starbase upgrading to be more clear.
  • Crash fixes
  • Upgrading a Transport no longer consume legions
  • Deleting a ship design template from the main menu ship designer no longer kills the game
  • Fixed the discrepancy between the net income tooltip and the govern stats.
  • Fix a crash that occurs when Steamworks is installing mods at the same time as the user is in the custom civilization builder.
  • Particles are now get properly cleaned up after battles.  This was leading to late game lag after several battles.
  • The first upload for ship style sets will no longer give an error.
  • Upgrading ships to the same type will no longer kill admins/legions.
  • Legions are not longer lost when upgrading to a new transport
  • Logistics cap is now on a per-fleet basis instead of on-the-player so we can increase it for the commanders. 
  • Now when you place a legion, you see the particles for the legion show up immediately.
  • When you add or remove legions, you see the particles change to indicate a smaller or larger swarm
  • Fixed a problem with Information Warfare that would heavily favor the invader. 
  • Fix for AI simulated invasions (for choosing tactics) not taking into account force surrenders and planet killers
  • Several stuck turns fixes
  • Fixed error where the AI was still ignoring resource costs in improvements
  • Added sanity checks where the AI tries to pick a improvement even if it didn't have an improvement to queue
  • More crash fixes
  • Resource Bar Arrows no longer Scroll in the wrong direction
  • AI can no longer sneak invisible techs from the trade window which were throwing off the overall evaluation.
  • Added tooltips to the Invasion Viewer window
  • Updated "Word on the Street" graphics
  • Fix for the workshop race condition crash between validation and updating workshop UI.
  • Updated planet graphics
  • Fixed problems with growing the Yor population.
  • Fix for deleting factions with ship style sets for subbed workshop items (it wasn't removing all the files so it was complaining for a set you can't use because it should have been deleted)
  • Fixed issue where super long ship names were clipping to two lines in the fleet details window callouts. 
  • Clicking the "Lost Unit" notification will now take the player to the Unit Manager -> Transfer screen and select the last lost unit in the list.
  • You can no longer steal spies from dead civilizations. 
  • Spies placed on buildings no longer disappear when loading a save game. 
  • Added tooltips to the Advantage Values in the Invasion Viewer window
  • Some lopsided Invasions were incorrectly being previewed as being "evenly matched.
  • First pass at re-balancing campaigns.  
  • Mecenaries: Ysengard's tooltip now properly reflects its ability.
  • Lost Treasures: Food improvements are now working correctly


  • AI is now properly charged for rushing ships. 
  • Using Steam invite will no longer crash the game.
  • Continued work to reduce the amount of data going back between players so we can have custom designed races in. (almost there)
  • Faster game start up

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