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V 2.21 Update


  • New improvement: Galactic Mainframe. Can't be built on one's homeworld. Acts as a hub for other research buildings.
  • Deep core mine base social production increased from 1 to 3, provides a universal manufacturing bonus to adjacent tiles.
  • Various reclassifications of improvements for the AI
  • Hyperspace project provides a +3 to neighboring research
  • Brindle's Observatory adjacency research bonus increased from 2 to 3
  • Kimberley's Refuge is now indestructible, provides +3 to the neighboring population.
  • City population cap reduced from 16 to 9.
  • City food cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • Cities provide +2 level bonuses to Research, Manufacturing, Wealth and Influence improvements!
  • Colonial hospital is now indestructible
  • Colonial hospital population growth increased to 0.1 flat per turn
  • The GIA provides a +1 influence adjacency bonus
  • Consulate now provides a flat +1 influence per turn bonus 
  • Consulate goes up by +1 influence per turn for every other influence improvement that is adjacent
  • Various higher level influence buildings receive the same benefit as the Consulate plus keep their existing benefits
  • Changed most galactic events to only occur ONCE rather than once for each player. This should also eliminate the Pirate spam.

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