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V 3.02 Update


  • Added a new adviser popup when its past turn 20, the player has more than 1000 credits and hasn't rushed anything yet.
  • Fixed an issue where colony list would flicker after multiple invasions
  • Fix to keep players from queuing up trades through the first contact dialog and confusing the game about trade partners.
  • Increased the max player count for ludicrous map size to 100.
  • Fixed an AI issue that allowed freighters to go way beyond their normal range
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't upgrade Hydroponic Farms
  • Removed references to the non-existent "monument" achievement
  • Added the ability to trade from the first contact dialog
  • Removed a merciless text dialog form the benevolent trade message
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed a rare bug where if an AI surrenders to another AI, and then that AI also surrenders to you. (confused? yes so were we!)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Advanced Colony Capital to provide less Morale than the building it upgraded from.
  • Fixed an issue where Uncommon nebulas in map setup produced too many nebulas
  • Fixed an issue keeping the Quantum Power Plant from being build-able
  • Fixed an issue blocking the Embassy if you built another Diplomatic Building
  • Fixed an issue blocking the bank if you built another financial building
  • Fixed an issue blocking the Labor Mission if you built another labor building
  • Fixed an issue causing the Tourist Haven to block other tourism improvements

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