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V 3.1 Update

AI Improvements

  • Synthetic races are better at killing you
  • Synthetic life forms will not longer try to build farms. Instead, they'll destroy the arable tiles to make room for something more useful to them.
  • Crusade: AI better at gaining citizens at higher difficulty levels.


  • Fertile tiles are more common.
  • Crusade:
    • Prolific ability population growth reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 (otherwise it was basically tripling initial population growth).
    • Aururus Arberetum provides a % growth benefit instead of a flat so that a given player (such as an AI player) doesn't gain a disproportionate advantage from having one.
  • Mercenaries: Avatar mercenary antimatter cost increased from 1 to 5.
  • Intrigue: Changed the "Destroyed Planets" crisis outcomes to be only "mostly destroyed."


  • Custom Colors: Design your own color palettes for custom factions, ships, the UI and maps..
  • Population growth now shows 2 significant digits.
  • Added a button on the title window to force sync the mods. Use this if you have subbed/unsubbed to ships or civs outside of the game and that content isn't showing up correctly.
  • Crusade: Shows your leader instead of the news robot on the Citizen screen.


  • Fixed a few MP crashes
  • Typo fixes: For extreme colonize, it is Barren, not Desert planet types.
  • Base Game only: AI will not try to research Crusade specific techs.
  • Mercenaries: AI no longer tries to "mine" the Bazaar

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