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V 3.7 Update


  • Retribution:
    • Choosing a distant destination on a map with Hyperlanes no longer slows the game down.
    • Clarified the effect of Hyperlane bonuses in the tech tree and tooltips. Also address spurious decimal points reported here: https://forums.galciv3.com/494346/page/1/#3745994.
    • Eliminated maint from first level research and manufacturing buildings.
    • Culture techs now give a diplomacy skill bonus.
    • Ships are more likely to use hyperlanes
  • Capped how much a diplomacy modifier can affect relations based on a game's turn. This should greatly reduce AI erratic diplomatic behavior.
  • Modified pacing options so that slow really slows things down.
  • AI handles ships more intelligently on larger galaxies in terms of evaluating their target value.
  • AI handles building up new colonies better later in the game
  • The AI no longer uses the Government as "explorers." (aka fodder)
  • Colony Capital now gives +1 raw production for every level it goes up.
  • Reduced thruster hull mass modifiers to 0.05% from 25% in both Crusade and the Base game
  • Fix some balance issues with weapons and growth improvements reported on the steam forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/226860/discussions/4/1771511442695715977/
  • Re-Enabled the Fusion Power Plant, but nerfed it to work better as a prereq to the Quantum Power plant.
  • Fix mismatched description and value on Precursor Factory world for Morale value. Changed both to 4 from 10, make sure it is not OP.
  • Synthetic races:
    • Can build the Advanced Planet Capital and Terraforming improvements.
    • Can properly colonize extreme worlds
    • Yor Manufacturing: Increased manufacturing bonus
    • Yor Manufacturing: Level one adjacency value is now a multiplier (for consistency with subsequent upgrades).
  • Lost Treasures: Manufacturing wonders now give the proper adjacency bonuses


  • Fixed a typo on the Quantum Power Plant
  • Updated the game startup window to work with larger fonts
  • Show Morale on the Planet List Entry Window
  • Change Copy, Edit, and Delete buttons on the Civilization Setup Window to be icons instead of buttons.
  • Fix Typo in warning message if you stacked multiple Commanders in a fleet.
  • Changed "Class" to "Role" label on the Fleet tooltip.
  • Changed "Type" to "Role" label in the Fleet Details window.
  • Flavor text (English only) tweaks to planet descriptions.
  • Grammar cleanup on the Korath.
  • Tweaked the leader-game-intro screen and economy summary


  • Ships no longer spontaneously catch fire.
  • Fixed a problem where the benevolent-explorers trait wouldn't always spawn a planet: https://steamcommunity.com/app/226860/discussions/1/1839063537784628967/
  • Fixed rare crash when an AI colonizes a planet with an artifact.
  • Fix a startup crash related artifact crash and some custom factions
  • Fixed bad Intrigue ship definitions in the United Earth faction
  • Fixed an endless credits/research exploit detailed here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/226860/discussions/4/1815422173048651922
  • Custom factions based on the Terrans now use the expected solar system (earth, mars, etc.): Addresses: https://steamcommunity.com/app/226860/discussions/4/1850323802565175363/
  • MP no longer desyncs because of mismatched custom flavor text
  • Fixing moderately common crash in MP caused by the AI losing its train of thought in mid-conversation.
  • Change "Kiln of Worlds" to require Promethion instead of PromethionStone (which no longer exists).
  • Extreme world colony" mercenary ships can now actually colonize extreme worlds if Crusade is installed.
  • Ship designs that use components removed in Retribution can now be loaded again in Retribution. The old deprecated components are simply ignored.

Hot Patch

  • Cultural starbase modules can be built again in the base game.
  • You can no longer build another Fusion Power Plant after upgrading it to a Quantum Power plant.
  • Addressed a crash related to modded tech trees.
  • Improved Hyperlane pathfinding on larger maps.

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