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V 3.8 Update


  • UI Layout updates
    • Updated most screens and them to use Fonts, colors, and font sizes consistently.
    • Made fonts bigger wherever possible.
    • General cleanup of margins and list entries wherever possible.
    • Removed extra Returns from the word on the street blurbs.
    • Move some of the options dropdowns in options screens to keep them from clipping.
  • Fix alignment issue on the Drath starting screen.
  • Starting ships don't append a number to their name unless another ship of the same design has already been spawned. This is to support custom flavorful names for core starting ships from starting ship designs
  • Updated starting ship names of factions added to the game after Crusade.
  • As soon as someone controls an Ascension crystal, have an icon show up and informs you that Ascension has started. Mousing over should show you how far along each civ with *Ascension is from ascending as a % bar with (turns).
  • Shipyard display now shows how much production is being sent to that shipyard, so you know how fast it can build things.
  • Fix an issue causing the unit buttons from not showing up in Medium UI on the Colony List screen.
  • Planet view list now displays research
  • Fix Tourism exploit in Crusade version of the Consulate.
  • The AI has been ordered top stop freezing time to keep its mission ships safe. (stuck turn fix).
  • Addressed "word on the street" grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Removed duplicate planet data in crusade and base game data folders that could potentially cause bad things(TM)
  • Adjusted the choose civ screen to improve text wrapping
  • You can adjust the difficulty level mid-game through the options screen (single player only).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented commanders from being assigned to United Earth ships.
  • Minor adjustments to the tutorial text

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